Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween Everyone! This is the busiest day of the year for both me and the site. Thousands will pass through while I diligently carve away at the pumpkins. The candy will be put out, the decorations all put in place, the lights and the music set into motion. It’s going to be a beauty of night. Once darkness comes the fun will begin! There will be chills, screams and perhaps even a little fire. I hope you all have a fantastic night!

And since it is All Hallows’ Eve, I want to take just a sec and thank Ryan Wickstrand of Zombie Pumpkins for the fantastic templates he makes. I’ve been visiting that site for 5 years and he never ceases to impress.

I want to thank you all for a wonderful time this year. I absolutely love playing around with this site and hope you get some bit of enjoyment out of it too.

Trick or Treat one and all!!

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