Ghost Adventures – Union Stations – S07E11

image Zak and the team head to Kansas City to investigate Union Station, hub of activity during the 1900’s and location of a violent shootout when Frank Nash was being transported by Federal Agents. The officers and Nash were all killed in a shower of bullets while at the station. Reports claim to see figures moving, faucets turning on, and the figure of a man standing in the doorway. Ironically, there are no claims of seeing Nash, hearing gunshots or accounts of the shooting. To be perfectly honest, the claims of the paranormal seem very light.

So what does the investigation yield? The main investigation takes part in three floors above the station that are still unfinished. Regular folks aren’t allowed up there so that’s where the team sets up, while they wait for the rest of the station to close. The station is still in use and is fully functional until around midnight when they shut down for the night.

In the unused portion they get a voice stating that "spirits" are up there. They got one of the small orbs they enjoy so much. I have to say, there is very little activity up there and nothing conclusive to suggest the train station is haunted.

When everyone finally leaves, they bring in Tim, a skeptic and have him walk around with them for awhile. Zak feels cold air around and tries to get Tim involved. One thing to note here, Zak says the air is ice cold. ICE Cold. Tim says he feel a cool breeze. Zak is insistent that it’s freezing. In fact, instead of just letting the event unfold and letting Tim experience and decide for himself, I personally feel Zak was using the power of suggestion to almost push his will onto their visitor. He keep saying what is happening and what it means. Clearly, there is no interference by him doing that is there?

Zak then asks for whoever is there to touch one of them. Tim lifts his leg as though something has happened. Without waiting, Zak says it was the spirit. Again, Zak is pushing the results in a direction he wants them to go. Admittedly, Tim does react to something, perhaps a touch. But again, is he reacting to something, or to the thought of it, since Zak has been planting the seed of the idea almost relentlessly?

As the investigation continues they see figures roaming in the restaurant. Right off the bat this seems problematic and turns out it is. After being told the building was empty by one security guard, they come to find out it’s not empty at all. The manager and his assistant are doing inventory in the restaurant right in front of the cameras. That pretty much negates everything. Even Zak admits the scene is tainted, but still holds that something interacted with their skeptic and something spoke to them on the upper floors.

I have to say, this episode was a bust. Not only were there people walking around the entire time, but Zak is clearly pushing his will and beliefs on Tim during their time together. He probably wasn’t doing it deliberately, but from where I sit, he was all but rigging the results. And how ironic that Billy sits for an hour, captures nothing with the thermal, but as soon as Zak sits down, little specs begin to appear.

This episode has a whole lot of wishful thinking and very little else.

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