Haunted Collector – Haunted Villa and Spirit Springs – S02E03

Haunted Villa

Johns heads to New York to help a restaurant owner get his place of business under control. They hear voices, people get grabbed and have a feeling of uneasiness in the restaurant.

Honestly, I have so many problems with this episode I’m not sure where to start. Let’s start with the obvious. This is a newlywed couple so they obviously have those stressed. Second, they’re taking over the family business that’s been around for 20 years, no small task there. They sleep above the restaurant, which to me says there could be some financial issues as well as they never get away from work. You can’t predict how people will react to stress, and we clearly have financial, emotional and family stress all piled together. We also have the story of a suicide in the restaurant and the claims that activity has been going on for some time. I’m not trying to be rude, but it seems like the paranormal is going to be blamed for anything that goes wrong regardless.

Another problem I have is the flowers dying. Ok, that’s not paranormal, that’s bloody gas leak. They either have a natural gas, carbon monoxide or some other type of problem going on. Since those plants wilted while they watched, they need to forget the paranormal and get some building maintenance in there before they kill someone. Also, depending on what the leak is, it could be responsible for the anxiety, the tension, fear, even hallucinations. I don’t think for a minute that smashed up watch that might be associated with a lovers betrayal is behind all the problems. These people have bigger problems on their hands.

Jordan Springs in Stephenson, Virginia

The team heads to Virginia to investigate a home in Virginia where the owner hears noises and sees shadow figures. Once John investigates he comes across some very impressive old bottles that have been found in the yard as well as some interesting tins with symbols painted on them. The tins are associated with a monk that is rumored to have lived there.

But as the investigation goes on, attentions turn to Native American artifacts and a fetish that’s found out in a tree. It’s a completely hidden doll, inside a tree trunk, out in the woods and John and his team just happen to hit upon it. Again, their ability to find these items is staggering. We also have the headless angel statue on the grounds. It’s pretty obvious this is the work of some vandals. Were the little punks messing around and trying to make a voodoo doll? Was this actually directed at the home owner? It all seems pretty unlikely. It’s nowhere near the house, it’s a new doll, and there doesn’t seem to be a link between any of these events. How does any of this relate together? Is she on Native American land? Was there injustice to those people done there? Is someone seeking justice? It all just seems a little odd. For all we know some kid saw that in a book and decided to make one for himself. It probably has no significance and no power whatsoever.

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