Ghost Adventures – USS Hornet – S04E08

Zak, Nick and Aaron head to San Francisco to visit the USS Hornet, an aircraft carrier that was in the thick of battle during World War II. It was responsible for shooting down multiple enemy planes and destroying enemy ships. It was no stranger to combat and not only did it takes the lives of those it attacked, mental stress and frustration took its toll against those who served on it. It’s reported that several men took their own lives, many through hanging, rather than deal with the routine of war. Of course, death would have been a common occurrence on board during wartime and many men lost their lives in the medical area.

The reports of activity extend through the whole ship, from the sounds of footsteps to seeing injured men in medical bay. One tour guide says a coffee pot came flying out of nowhere and shattered on the floor next to him. And there are claims of spirits walking and then disappearing into the walls. People also claim to see shadows moving around and women get their hair pulled as they tour the ship. If all the reports are to be believed the entire ship is still buzzing with activity.

To get right to the point I think this is worst episode of Ghost Adventures I’ve seen and it was riddled with the guys reaching at straws. They really don’t get any actual activity during this investigation but that doesn’t stop them from doing their normal jaw dropping claims of exciting and hearing voices that aren’t really there. When things are too quiet they break out the spirit box and claim to hear sorts of voices and intelligent responses. Even more than normal they were reaching to make words out of that static.

Their attempts at sounding the alarm didn’t accomplish anything so they go with flying orbs as evidence of activity. Multiple times Zak points out things are flying into and around his head. That is in no way evidence of anything.

When they run out of stunts that don’t get any results, they head down to the medical bay and start talking about all the personal experiences they’re having. Those don’t show up on a recorder so you can’t dispute them! First off, Zak seems completely annoyed at listening to Nick talk about how cold he is and how he feels needles in his arm. He just wants Nick to be quiet as he lies in the bunk. Was Zak too busy trying to formulate how to sell this ship as haunted and salvage this investigation? But when it’s his turn to lie in the same bunk, he repeats exactly what Nick says.

The play acting in sick bay was also pointless. Zak dressing up as though he’s injured is just silly. But it doesn’t actually yield any results regardless of how they would like to spin it.

When all is said and done this episode was a dud. Not because they didn’t find anything, but because they completely over exaggerated everything to make it look like they were still capturing activity. It honestly seemed like they were making up stuff left and right to make the ship seem haunted and improve the drama of the episode. You know, the spirits don’t always come out and you’re not going to capture something every time you go out. And that’s ok; you don’t need to make up evidence to keep us interested in the show.

As a final comment, that opening sequence was over the top cheesy and borderline offensive. I hope we never see that sort of crap again.

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