Ghost Mine – Disturbance at the Inn – S01E02

image So we head back into the Sumpter mine to continue the investigation and try to determine what caused the previous cave-in. Was it simply loose rocks or is there something to this Tommyknocker theory? The men are a bit spooked from the previous evidence of what looks like a figure walking across the laser grid as well as the recordings of voices. They aren’t finding gold and tensions are starting to run high.

Because of the dangerous location, Patrick brings in a new device called the RIPA 2 which is an ROV equipped with IR cameras, headlights, video camera and microphone. It’s actually a pretty cool piece of technology. I wonder if we will see more RIPA style devices make their way into investigations. It’s like an additional team member than go into the more dangerous areas.

Patrick maneuvers RIPA into the location where the cave-in happened. They set up to do an EVP session when everything goes dead. The IR cameras go off, the headlights go out and the car begins bucking. Patrick claims he has no control of the unit and none of the controls are working for him. Suddenly, the car kicks back on, the lights come up and it responds to the radio control. Did the vehicle short out? Did something interact with it? Did it simply go out of range? Are there minerals in the rock affecting the signal?

As Patrick is driving RIPA back to base, they notice a shiny object in the dirt and call in the mucker. As they sift through the dirt they find and old miners oil can. They also discover bones. They looks like rib bones. Are they human or animal? That remains to be seen, but they have been sent out to be analyzed.

To try and improve morale, Larry, the mine owner has brought in the families of the crew to spend a couple days at the local bed and breakfast which used to be the local hospital and Masonic lodge. Everything is going well until Jay comes to Kristen and Patrick in need of help. His wife Kate and their son Ashton have seen a dark figure in their rooms. They both claim it was a black mass that looked like man. None of them wants to stay there any longer.

Patrick and Kristen start an investigation with motion detectors on the stairs. They almost immediately go off as though someone is walking up and down. Upstairs is a common area with chairs and TV. The investigation continues as the TV repeatedly turns itself on. Patrick find multiple remotes, but none of them seem to work. EMF levels are spiking in this same area. Is the TV just shorting out or is there something more to that? We’ve seen TVs come on in other investigations. Considering the amount of radio noise today, it may not be that big of a deal.

It is interesting to note that Kristen asks for a sign of someone in the room and the TV coming on is the response. So they have high EMF without a source and a TV going on. Are there simply power surges in the room? Is this just the sign of faulty wiring?

Patrick and Kristen have also set up some letter tiles outside and ask for a name. As Patrick goes through the alphabet he seems to get a blip on the letter J. He does it a second time and sees a blip on J. Interestingly, they don’t try to get any more letters of the name. Perhaps that is simply missing from the footage, who knows.

But they do collect some evidence of EMF spikes, the TV going on and then they have what appears to be a black mist covering a chair in one of the rooms. Kate says that’s what she saw in her room when she woke up. It sure as hell looks like a fog rolling in across the room that’s for sure.

So now they have two locations for their investigation. The Bed and Breakfast seems to have it’s own activity as well as the mine. The B&B makes sense, since it was originally a hospital and certainly many miners lost their lives in there.

Is there something to these events? Is the demolition as the mine causing the spirits to stir? Is there energy trapped in the rock? Does the old hospital have it’s own ghosts independent of the mine?

A lot seems to be going on and Patrick and Kristen seem to be doing a good job with their data collection. I personally don’t think they’re doing enough debunking of the claims and may be jumping to paranormal conclusions a little soon. But overall they seem to be handlings things pretty well and they have a lot of questions that need answering.

I like this more long term investigation.

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