Ghost Mine – Return to Darkness – S02E01

So the crew is back together as Patrick and Kristen investigate the Crescent Mine to try and uncover further paranormal activity. When we left last time, the mine shaft had collapsed and brought things to a halt. When they get back, it’s pretty obvious someone has been there. Several feet of the mine have been dug out and there is plenty of evidence of pick marks and someone working. This of course makes me wonder if this person is responsible for some of the goings on from last season. Word is out about the mine that’s for sure. This sort of makes me think of the old Scooby-Doo episodes of the haunted miner that is scaring everyone away so he can keep the gold to himself. Is someone playing on this paranormal angle to try and drive everyone away?

As far as evidence goes, Patrick and Kristen capture what they believe is an EVP saying "Yes" when asked if it’s bothered by the miners being there. They also capture what could be a shadow figure on their IR camera. It’s hard to say if that’s a shadow or just an odd way the trees form. Plus, we only get the single picture, we don’t see any baseline photos or photos taken of the same spot the next night. That’s kind of a bummer.

While out at night they also do some EVP work while using an old pickaxe as a trigger object. They get some movement on the K2 meters when they ask if the miners being there is bothersome. They also get some hits when asked if the entity is a miner. The motion detector goes off as their talking as though it’s picked up someone. But all this activity happens each time they ask if the entity is bothered by the miners being there. They don’t get any response when ask if the spirit is "Joe".

The K2 hits they get a extremely brief and very faint. I’m not sure we should fully commit to those being answers to questions or signs of a presence. The meters could be picking up on all sorts of things. The motion detector going off is unusual, but who knows what it picked up. They are in the wood, it could have been an animal or large bug going right in front of the sensor. It doesn’t happen again, so it might just be a fluke or coincidence.

The big cliffhanger for the episode is from the full spectrum camera that Kristen and Patrick set up to do a full 360 degree picture of the new tunnel they dug into. We don’t quite see what’s in the photos, but when Patrick and Kristen head into the tunnel with a black light, it looks like there is something odd on the walls. Something is either reacting to or reflecting the black light. Have they uncovered some sort of secret writing or symbol? Or is there something in the rock that just looks really cool under black light?

We’ll have to wait until next time.

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