Ghost Adventures – Passport to Hell – S07E20

I’m not even going to bother with this episode and quite frankly this might be it for me for the season and perhaps even beyond that. I don’t care for these recap shows. They are utterly pointless and are blatant fillers because of a lack of new material. One or two might not have been bad, but there have been far too many of them now. From where I sit, this means Ghost Adventures have run out of places to investigate and have nothing new to share. Even without that, the tone, style and depth of the show has been lacking for some time. To be honest, the show is in a decline. On far too many occasions they’re grasping at straws to come up with evidence. They spend far to much time on little side projects are meaningless. It used to be they visited places, gave a decent biography of the place then set about their business to see what they can find. Now their investigations are fractured and haphazard. Everything is demonic. Everything is a shadow. Every sound they hear is an EVP. You would also think that after this mean years and this many investigations the juvenile behavior would have toned down. Listening to Zak talk about sitting in an RV with a bunch of guy farting is just piss poor. What are you, 12? It’s all becoming a bit too much.

Even Zak’s book was underwhelming. In most places it was simply a recap of their episodes. There was very little added except some of his personal philosophies which he’s already brought up numerous times. Yes there should be a repository of paranormal data. People should be able to contribute. But it was mainly several hundreds pages of waiting for something to happen.

Just like with Ghost Hunters I’m losing interest in this show. It was entertaining, perhaps even a little dramatic, but now it’s gotten to the point that it causes more eye rolling and groaning than curiosity. If there is another real episode coming I will tune in, but even so, I’m not drawn in like I used to be.

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