Ghost Mine – Phantom Wind – S01E04

In the previous episode the miners lost power, got stuck in the dark tunnels and Kristen heard the Native American stories about the Dredge and how it may have brought a curse to the entire town. The Native Americans think there is a source of danger that is associated with the mining and that it won’t go away until they stop. But the gold is starting to reveal itself and the miners are digging in deeper in the hopes of some real profits.

It may not have been a curse, but it’s certainly back luck that Sumpter burnt to the ground in August of 1917. A fire broke out and in three hours the entire city and all it’s records were gone. This area isn’t new to tragedy and Patrick heads out the cemetery to see if he can find groupings of headstones that might reveal other disasters that took place in Sumpter. As he looks around he finds Joseph Young, a mason and one of the original Founding Fathers of Sumpter. Is this the Joe they’re communicating with?

Back at the mining camp the guys are sitting around playing cards when there is a massive bang or explosion right outside. It almost sounds like someone lit off some dynamite in the mine. They rush outside to investigate but see nothing. Kristen calls for help, but after checking around her cabin they don’t see anything. Even the thermal imager shows all is quiet. As Kristen does an EVP session asking questions if someone is trying to warn them, there is another loud and distinct bang.

It’s pretty clear these have nothing to do with wood creaking and settling or mistaking a small animal wandering around. It would seem logical that rocks smashed into the cabin, but there are no signs of damage or of loose rocks. Two massive bangs in a row? That’s a new one.

While the miners aren’t going to stop digging for gold they do feel like someone is watching them from time to time. Are they now giving in to the idea of the paranormal or is something actually out there? They’re superstitious to begin with so let’s hope they aren’t letting their imaginations get the better of them.

After the raucous night, Dick and Jamal head back into the tunnel, but make a hasty retreat when they feel cold blasts of air. They’re in a closed tunnel so there shouldn’t be any air flow. Patrick and Kristen discover air blowing in from another tunnel, one that appears to have been sealed off. Are they right next to another mine shaft? It certainly sounds hollow and the air is coming in through small vent holes. You have to wonder, why was it sealed up?

Patrick asks that same question during an EVP session and gets an answer of "Danger". Is this the voice of a miner giving them a warning? Are they simply hearing something in the very faint static of the recording? Either way the miners are actually excited to break that wall down and see what’s on the other side. Stan, the foreman, has to keep them focused on the job at hand of digging for gold.

So there were two massive, unexplained bangs and now a tunnel that looks like it might have been closed off for reasons unknown. The plot is certainly getting thicker isn’t it? Are they on the trail of some deeper mystery or does the potentially sealed off tunnel have a simple explanation? Now that they’re raking in gold and perhaps a profit is something out to spoil their plans? As they remove tons and tons of earth and cast it aside like the previous miners, is the curse being stirred and they’ll be stopped?

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