Zombieville USA for iPhone and iPod Touch

This game is hilarious! I’ve been playing it all weekend so far! I actually had to turn it down to Easy since I was getting swarmed and getting my ass chomped to death. I also had to give myself 3 lives so I can figure out everything you need to survive. Damn this game is fun! I finally worked my way up to the bigger guns including the ass kicking shotgun, chaingun and rocketlauncher. I like the shotgun better than the chaingun since it can kill with two shots versus the dozens of bullets the chaingun takes. Of course the rocket launcher just blows everything to hell!

As a side note, what in the hell is wrong with people who review the Lite version and say it has limited re-playability? Are you people stupid or something? Of course it has limited re-playability, it’s the demo you idiot! If you want to play for hours on end and reach level 99 stop being a cheapskate (and an idiot) and get the full version!

This game is great in every sense of the word! I got to Level 23 and blew away over 500 of the undead devil before they finally ate out my brains.

Zombieville USA in the app store

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More Halloween Goodies from Stardock

We all know I can’t get enough of Halloween and Stardock is placating me with another cool Halloween desktop package. The RIP 2007 desktop has been on my machine since the calendar ticked over to the new month and now there is another full suite I can load. The suite just came out yesterday so I haven’t had a chance to load it on my machine, but it looks awfully festive and the icons looks nice and spooky. For right now you need to be one of the cool kids with either an ObjectDesktop or Wincustomize subscription. But I’m sure they’ll have it available on MyColors pretty soon so you can grab it even if you don’t have the full Stardock products installed.

October is the month of ghouls and goblins, and aside from trick or treating or throwing a Halloween party, you can also “dress up” your desktop for a spooky Halloween look. Today, Stardock is screaming with joy as we present the MyColors Halloween them, which is free to WinCustomize Subscribers and Object Desktop subscribers.

This theme includes a creepy visual style to change the look of Windows with spectacular animations in the start menu and “please wait” dialog, along with a gruesome desktop gadget, and a freakishly designed icon pack with 64 unique icons, and wallpapers. This is just about everything you need to transform your desktop into its own haunted place.

You can check out the new Halloween Desktop right here!

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