My First Flaming Pumpkin

You never forget your first time…

Those little tea lights or small bulbs you’re supposed to put in pumpkins never really seem to show off their scary features. You get this little light that the wind is probably going to blow out after a couple of minutes or no one from the street can see the impressive carving you came up with.

I believe I have achieved the pinnacle in pumpkin illumination. Here we have Mr. Jack-O-Lantern with his scary face being sufficiently lit up with the help of a little accelerant. He certainly lights up the night sky now! The kids will be able to see him from all the way down the street. No more wondering which house is up to the challenge of having tricks or treats for the little kids. With this little display on the lawn or sidewalk you are saying to the neighborhood, “That’s right kids, there’s candy over here, by all means come and get some.”

Then again it’s just as likely to say, “Attention everyone! I’ve completely lost my mind and the chances of you being incinerated are pretty damn high!”

This was my beta test to see how my new Halloween plan was going to work. I have to say, it was pretty successful. Maybe for the next go-round I will roast a hot dog over his flaming skull.

Mr. Flaming Pumpkin

Canon Rebel XTI with 18-55 kit lens.
ISO 100, 1 sec, F/16.

You can see more of my flaming pumpkins here:

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Mr. Scary Pumpkin

This is from an experiment I did last year. We took a little pumpkin and carved him up all nice and pretty.

Then we let him sit.

And sit.

And sit.

No, that black stuff on the side isn’t from him being charred. It’s what we like to call… fungus!

He sat for a little over a week and this was the final picture I got before he disappeared.

What happened to him after that day we’ll never know….


Click here for a larger image of him.

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Halloween Spider

I came across this little gem while going through the photos in my collection. I took a picture of this little guy a week or so ago. The picture doesn’t quite do the size of this fellow justice. In actuality this is about the biggest spider I have ever seen. He was about 3 or so inches across and at first I didn’t notice him. But when I did, I have to admit I jumped back. I have been to the botanical gardens dozens of times and have never seen anything more dangerous than bumblebees. This little fella gave me quite the startle.

I went back a couple of days later and saw three spiders of the same kind through the gardens. After seeing the third one I really wanted to get a good picture. I thought that perhaps brushing the spider with a long blade of grass might make him move just a little so I could get a better shot.

He moved alright. He began to rock back and forth in the middle of his web getting the whole thing to swing! He got it moving about six inches from front to back. I’ve never seen a spider do that. I figured I better leave him alone before he hurt himself or worse yet, me.

Check out the big picture, he’s a creepy little crawly.

Creepy little spider

Click to download the full image:

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