Paranormal Cops

Paranormal Cops S01E01

I need to watch more shows on the paranormal like I need another hole in the head. And considering the stupidity that reigns on Ghost Lab and the vomitous mass that is Ghost Hunters Academy I don’t have high hopes for some new "angle". But after reading a few recommendations I gave Paranormal Cops a try. And I was pleasantly surprised.

So here’s the case. The client works at a car sales/customization shop and has been experiencing odd things. He’s uncomfortable there, feels threatened, hears noises and is ready to quit his job. He wants to know if he’s just being paranoid or if something is really going on.

Enter Rob Fabiani and the Chicago Paranormal Detectives to find out what’s going on. They’re cops by day and paranormal investigators by night. By the way, you have to be amused by Rob and his ever present cigar. It’s a Chicago thing I’m sure.

Perhaps it’s just their new gimmick but treating a case on the paranormal like a regular police case was surprisingly interesting. They seal the doors, bag and tag the evidence and make sure no one but them has access to the building. And while checking the place out they didn’t just ask for "the hot spots" and listen with glazed over eyes, they asked questions and looked like they were already trying to debunk what was happening. Seeing them actually taking notes was a nice change of pace too.

So what about the investigation? It turns out the location used to be a hangout for the mob, possibly going back as far as Al Capone. They find reports of murders as well as a floor layout showing secret passageways. While doing their investigation they get an email from someone who saw their van outside and has had their own experiences there. In typical police fashion they find a few witnesses and talk to them. They learn of some of the murders and other happenings on the site.

The investigation itself is pretty interesting in regards to the responses they get with their meter. At times it seems spot on with answering the questions Ron has. However, other times it seems to act completely random. Are they getting a response or is it on the fritz?

I can’t say that their medium added or detracted from the show. Normally the mediums I see are nothing more than comic relief. She had just a few things to add, but didn’t get all melodramatic about it which was also a nice change.

In the end they got some interesting activity with their EMF meter as well as a couple EVPs. Their EVPs are a little more discernable than other shows, but aside from that, what the supposed mobsters have to say is pretty amusing. I guess some spirits are still fouled mouthed even in the afterlife.

When all is said and done I have to say I liked the show and their approach. It certainly has an organized feel to it and no one seems to yell "Oh My God" or "Dude" or "Bro" while they’re investigation. Plus, I don’t think we’ll get a "Dude Run!" scream out of these guys. So far I like how this is shaping up, so I’ll be tuning in for the second episode this week. If you’re as tired of the Ghost Hunters as I am you probably should give this a try.

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