Paranormal Challenge – Western Virginia Penitentiary – S01E05

Zak heads out to West Virginia Penitentiary where Northeastern Spirit Society will compete against West Virginia Paranormal. West Virginia Penitentiary is an incredibly violent place with murder, suicide and riots. Even the Department of Corrections knew the place had issues. So how will these teams fair in finding evidence? Or as we’ve come to see, will they even find evidence?

First we have Northeastern Spirit Society who already sound like a bunch of goofs that argue more than they work together. And that’s just during their team intro. Once again the attitude is completely unnecessary and just doesn’t need to be there.

When it comes to the investigation these teams start making the usual amateur mistakes. West Virginia Paranormal gets lost and can’t find the psych ward and Jordan needs to ditch the damn gum. Who the hell chews gum when you’re on television? And watching these teams in action is boring. Do something more than just call out names.

Also, both teams make way too much damn noise while they work. They constantly talk and yell, "did you hear that" whenever something happens. They never just sit quietly to ask questions or get a sense of the noises that regularly occur. There was talk of some baseline measurements, but they don’t really seem to adhere to that.

Not to put a damper on the event, but to me, the only evidence they captured was the Mel Meter going off. Sure, there is a lot of activity when Jordan walks in and out of the cell, but what is that telling us? There are no EVPs to go with that, there is no other physical evidence. Basically you have a beeping box. I find that kind of weak.

As with the other episodes when it comes to the evidence reveal I feel both teams came up short. Northeastern Spirit Society presents two EVPs of "Come in" and "But they’re not" neither of which sounds like anything more than someone walking. I hear no voices there.

Next they offer up and orb and figure in the window. Sorry to offend, but orbs are stupid. As for the figure, how is that anything more than a reflection?

West Virginia Paranormal offers up "Get out prick" and "Because everybody in here is so angry". That second EVP is crap. To say there is a word in there is really reaching.

Their video evidence is just as bad with a mist and footage of the Mel Meter. How can you say footage of the Mel Meter going off is evidence?

Last weeks show gave me hope things were getting better. These two teams are just as clumsy as all the others. And does it seem like this is the first investigation any of these teams have been on? Why do they seem so confused? Why do they make so many mistakes? Why is it that every bump and bang has them freaking out and yelling "did you hear that?"

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