Paranormal Cops – Stirring Up The Dead – S01E03

As another group that claims they need hard evidence before they’ll label a place haunted, Paranormal Cops is sure handing out the Paranormal card pretty regularly.

The Stag’s Head certainly has the background for some interesting happenings; a former brothel where a patron may have been shot and killed to multiple claims of footsteps, cold spots, shadow figures and the sound of someone crying.

As Ron and the team investigate the claim to hear loud footsteps on the stairs. And multiple times during the night they claim to hear a woman’s voice. The voice is either mumbling or perhaps humming.

While investigating near the women’s restroom upstairs they get hits on their EMF meter which tells the story that someone did get shot and killed up there. Yes, the EMF meter goes off, but it really doesn’t seem to go off with enough certainty to match what they’re asking. And as for all the other sounds, is it going to come as a shock when I say I don’t hear them? Seriously, does anyone else actually hear the voices and footsteps when they’re watching? I never hear the noise that comes before the question, "Did you hear that?"

As you might expect, the EVPs sound like garbled static. Certainly nothing that would come across as solid evidence to me. Like so many other cases, I just don’t feel their evidence supports the paranormal claim. There’s nothing in there that can’t be explained by some other means.

But what about the EMF? A blinking light that shuts itself off as quickly as it turns on doesn’t mean much to me.

I also have an issue with the phrase “A grove of trees”. That simply isn’t a phrase someone from Chicago would use. Comes across as a little too convenient for my liking.

I like these guys, but I really think it should be harder to convince people there is something paranormal going on. What happened to being skeptical and debunking? Seems like every sound and every bump is flagged as a haunting.

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2 Responses to Paranormal Cops – Stirring Up The Dead – S01E03

  • Mary says:

    I am a direct descendant of the building formerly known as Shady Tree Inn. After 60 plus years being a family bar/restaurant establishment. It was sold after my Great Uncle Joe Spaitis passed away. I know it had several owners since. One of them calling the place “Stag’s Head”.

    I an assure you the building was built by my Great Uncle in 1928. He ran a bar and served food to his customers. He also rented out the nearby preserves and pavilion for parties. When my Great Uncle could no longer work, my mother took over and ran the business until shortly after my Great Uncles Passing. I worked there occasionally myself. Plus, as a child we use to visit him often and play in the nearby preserves.

    It was never a brothel. It was never a place for Al Capone to hide out. It was never a Beer runners hide out. It was always a family establishment. The people who are spreading these “RUMORS” are only doing so to garner customers for their failing business. Its sad they have to Stain a Good Family Name to do so. I saw/heard the A&E clip of the paranormal detectives. It was disgusting to hear them slander my Great Uncles work and home. He lived there with his Mother, Sister, and her family. They occasionally took in a border, but it was Never a brothel as these current owners of Stag’s Head. Anything to drum up business is poor advertising! People should do some FACT Checking before spreading malicious lies about a family, and their home, work.

  • RottenOne says:

    I don’t know anything about this place, but it doesn’t surprise me at all that someone would embellish the history of a place just to gain a little business. Saying your bar or hotel had something to do with brothels or bootlegging is always a great way to drum up business. If you then add a few stories about people being gunned down or murdered you basically have a great recipe for people to come and check out the place.

    Like I said, I have no idea about the place or if the research was incorrect or if these are brand new details coming to the service, but it wouldn’t be the first time a business has been helped by paranormal activity.

    If you have better details about the real history let us know, I’d love to hear about it.

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