Paranormal Challenge Ohio State Reformatory S01E03

I keep hoping this show will get better so I keep tuning in. Plus, Zak keeps going back to some of my favorite places. But as usual this episode and this set of teams did not impress.

Things did not start of well for the New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society as one member clearly stated he had no idea how to use any of the equipment. I had to cringe at that one. Even if that’s true don’t say it outloud!

Another thing that made me cringe is all the damn fighting between the members of Quest Paranormal Society. After 30 seconds I wanted them all to shut up! Even if that is the way they conduct investigations it’s grating and if I was a spirit I wouldn’t be hanging around to talk to that band of loud mouthed jerks. Honestly these teams were more annoying than the last batch – I didn’t think that was possible.

One complaint I do have which is entirely up to the editors is to turn down the dramatic music. That is insanely annoying and not needed. Let’s cue the horror music and build dramatic tension. It’s cheesy and we all know nothing is going to happen.

But what kind of evidence did they capture?

On several occasion we hear what sounds like a door slamming. Elaine claims she got pushed. None of this is caught on camera though. The team from Quest Paranormal sees what looks like a big shadow cross in front of a light. That was pretty interesting but from that distance it could be anything. It’s an abandoned building so let’s not rule out things like animals that call that place home these days. The New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society gets some interesting activity on the Mel Meter as they talk to the spirits and say their going to leave. It’s hard to say what that device is picking up but something might be going on in there.

When it comes to the big reveal and presentation of evidence I have to say I was one again underwhelmed with what they caught. But before they begin Dave and the judges let the New Jersey team know they need to work on their teamwork, they weren’t familiar with the equipment and didn’t know the history of the location. That was all pretty obvious within the first couple of minutes.

New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society presents an EVP of a groan and “I’m nowhere I can’t be helped”. Their video evidence is a shadow on the wall which is pretty weak and the footage of the Mel Meter going off. Interesting but not really that solid.

Quest Paranormal gets marked down for their lack of teamwork and constant bickering. They sort of knew the history but didn’t really use it. And they understood the equipment but didn’t use it to their full advantage.

The evidence they present is an EVP is someone saying “Mary mo” and a “hello” with the Mel Meter going off at the same time. Their video evidence is a door slamming, although we don’t see the door and a photo of a man sitting. I think they’re trying to make that into something it’s not.

Overall I’m sure if this show is getting better or worse. The teams seem to be getting worse and the evidence is still pretty lame. I think they need to give them more than four hours to investigate. They just start to get a plan together when they have to quit. That would have to be a change in the show and would detract from the drama and excitement I guess.

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