Time to bring out the scary movies

Ah, October, my favorite month. The colors of fall, the cooler temperatures, the scary pumpkins, the great decorations, and of course the scary movies that proliferate the shelves of the video stores.

And it’s at this time I switch over and start watching the darker films, so for the rest of the month it’ll a listing of good and the bad of the horror/thriller/suspense genre. I’ve got a whole slew of movies lined up to watch. Some are old favorites and some are first time views.

Just so you know, slasher films really aren’t my thing. I liked the first Halloween movie, but skipped on the rest. Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and all of those got a big pass from me. Now, before you think I’m a big pussy and watch X-Files with the lights on, I like the Saw series and plenty of other gory movies. Its just that I want there to be a point to all the hacking and slashing. Chasing some naked chick around the place with a chainsaw or machete is fine as long as there is a point to doing it. But if you’re just showing some titty so you can get an R-Rating for your lame ass movie so people think there is something more to it than there really is, then it’s a waste of my time. I have the Internet I can see boobies whenever I want.

So with that we will travel together and check out some creepy movies this month and see which are the keepers and which will get sold off as used before the end of the year.

Nothing like watching scary movies in the basement by yourself at midnight… :)

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