Unrest – After Dark Horror Fest – 8 Films To Die For

Unrest – After Dark Horror Fest – 8 Films To Die For

“Alison Blanchard begins her journey to become a physician in her Gross Anatomy class, where she must confront rows of cadavers and her own fear of mortality. When the sheets are drawn back revealing her cadaver, Alison senses a presence in the lab. Her jaded professor chalks it up to first year “jitters” but her worries increase when a friend is found dead in the basement. Alison must find out the truth behind her cadaver before its angered spirit can wreak further vengeance on those who dared to disturb the body.”

This movie starts off with a good premise – first year med student working with cadavers. And with that I figured there would plenty of creepy things to work into the scenes. For the most part, that’s about right.

Alison is a young student who has to live in the teaching hospital until she gets her financial aid worked out. Of course, the teaching hospital is where all the students work on the bodies down in the morgue. Four students come together to work on a body that has been shipped in. Alison is very concerned over how the woman has died. With multiple cuts all over her body and face Alison gets the sense that something is wrong.

With the other three students we get an ultra religious one, the prankster and the more serious but still grounded in reality one. This is of course the guy Alison falls for.

Despite the obligatory shots of Alison running around with just a bra on, this movie was pretty decent. The body apparently has a curse on it and all those who touch it meet with a terrible end. As they start to die off, Alison begins to lose her grip on reality and what she needs to do to stay alive.

The movie has a dark tone and you feel like something is coming around every corner. However, there really isn’t anything moving in the shadows and you begin to wonder what all the fuss is about. New bodies keep turning up in the morgue but there is no “force” to reckon with that keeps putting them there.

There is a creepy scene with Alison and her man friend jumping into the formaldehyde tank to get the “possessed” body out so they can destroy it with other body parts are floating all over the place.

Overall it’s decent movie, but the tension keeps building but there is no specific resolution. We’re unclear about how all this got started, why all the bad “Juju” in the first place? The movie is good for a few creepy scenes and shows a lot of promise for the writers and directors.

If you’re looking for something new, this is worth renting, but don’t expect too much, remember, these are low budget productions.

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