The Gravedancers – After Dark Horror Fest – 8 Films To Die For

The Gravedancers – After Dark Horror Fest – 8 Films To Die For

“A group of friends’ lives are invaded by a trio of hostile ghosts after they engage in a drunken bout of gravedancing during a wake for an old chum.”

It’s a pretty simple plot – three friends attend the funeral of a friend and then go out to the cemetery to toast his life in private. After several drinks they come across a poem someone has left which tells them to dance and celebrate life. Their night of merriment turns into terror as they become haunted by the spirits of the graves they danced on.

The spirits seek revenge for the desecration and with the help of a paranormal psychologist and his assistant they come to discover the sordid past of the lives they’ve crossed. They also come to realize the poem they read was the first part of a curse they have unleashed. They have until the next full moon to undo the damage or switch places with the damned.

Each member of the party is subjected to the visions of violence and death that their dead partner committed. They hear voices, see spirits and in some cases see their own death.

The doctor figures out a way to undo the curse by reburying the bodies. Gravedigging ensues and everything that could go wrong does. In the end there is a violent showdown with the spirits under the full moon as they try to keep alive.

The movie works really well as a low budget thriller – right up until the end. The special effects are cheesy and seem completely out of place for this movie. Nothing else in the movie used CGI and it worked fine. The movie relies on lighting and costuming to make the movie look good. The final scene is a complete let down and in all honesty pretty much ruined the movie for me. Up until then I really liked it. Very little gore but it had a great mood to it. It had the classic elements of things moving in the background and people being in the wrong place to make you jump.

All in all this is one of the better movies in the series. Unfortunately it came off the rails in the end. However, it’s still worth renting for the rest of the movie. Not destined to be a classic by any means, but not a bad movie if you have nothing else to watch.

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