Penny Dreadful – After Dark Horror Fest – 8 Films To Die For

Penny Dreaful – After Dark Horror Fest – 8 Films To Die For

“Young Penny goes on a retreat with her psychologist; the intention is to help her overcome her phobia, an intense fear of cars. Unexpected events find her in a nightmarish situation where her worst fears come true.”

This is one of the better movies from this series. Penny has a trouble past and she’s on a trip with her psychiatrist to face her fears. In a strange twist of events that only happens in the movies they hit a stranger on the road and give him a ride “up the mountain” she he doesn’t sue. As per usual he is clad in dark hooded sweatshirt and doesn’t say a word during the trip. Of course he’s going to kill them.

The car gets a flat tire as they make their get away from Mr. Scary and so they have to try and find their way out in the dark. Penny gets separate from her doctor who soon meets her end at the hands of the stranger.

Penny (who stayed with the car) wakes up to find the car pinned between some trees and she can’t get out. Her doctor is now strapped into the driver’s seat. The unknown figure then spends the rest of the night tormenting and torturing her.

There are several more victims as people hear and try to rescue Penny from her plight.

The film is dark and gloomy and the killer pulls off his acts with Penny left helpless to watch.

Once again, there isn’t a whole lot of point to the movie and why this torment has been unleashed on Penny. And while the killer has had plenty of chances to have his way with Penny he only torments her while he kills of those who come to help her without hesitation.

And of course in the end there is that shadow of dread that even though the killer had been bashed and battered his twitching hand suggests he is going to start his spree all over again.

Even though there isn’t really a point to this one it’s still a pretty good movie. It has a constant sense of fear and dread. It also takes place at night so there are plenty of chances for things to show up and cause a jump. Overall one of the better movies in this series and is worth renting.

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