Dead Silence – Rating 3 out of 5

Dead Silence – Rating 3 out of 5

If you don’t like ventriloquist dolls or those damnable clown dolls like we see in Poltergeist then you will hate them even more after this.

What starts off ominously with a old and dirty ventriloquist doll dropped off on the doorstep on a newlyweds apartment. Right off the bat we hate this doll with his demonic eyes and creepy look.

The doll springs to life and begins hacking and slashing the wife. The husband comes home to find her terribly disfigured and he is the prime suspect. What follows is a fairly uneventful and fairly lame story.

Mary Shaw, a master ventriloquist, who was apparently mocked on stage, is seeking revenge for the smart ass of comment of one young boy. Her name is not to be spoken and apparently she is quite the hell spawn. Our young hero must now figure out how to undo the curse.

What could have been a truly atmospheric and creepy movie is a fairly silly and boring tale. There is very little suspense, poor acting (even Donnie Wahlberg seems comical as the detective) and a story that really has no meat on it – a band of dolls will rise up and destroy everyone?

This movie pales in comparison to Saw and it has no real memorable qualities of its own. It has some scary moments, some great scenery such as the abandoned theater, but overall there is really nothing to love about this movie.

It’s interesting to watch just to see what the creators of Saw can do, but it’s not a keeper. The dolls are creepy, the movie isn’t.

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