Saw III is a sellout. What started a series of movies with a decent plot and a nice twist ending has now turned into nothing more than a hack and slash movie. The movie goes all out for the gross and gore factor, but the plot is thin and quite frankly, stupid.

Amanda has kidnapped a doctor and forces her to keep Jigsaw alive. Meanwhile a father who has lost his son in a car accident faces those people who were involved in the crime.

The traps are lame and are just meant to show torture. There is actually no way to escape them so the tension of the movie is lost. Even in this gruesome game if you can’t win, there is no point in playing.

The father comes face to face with those he should learn to forgive. They were all part of his sons death, but there is no way to bring him back. This message is lost on the father and he blindly walks through the house of horrors seeking his revenge on those who crossed him. With no change in the character as he faces these trials the movie becomes boring and even though the traps illicit the maximum pain and cringe factor the movie doesn’t lead anywhere.

The factors that made the first two movies so good has been thrown away and we are left with nothing but a series of gory scenes designed to show off diabolical traps rather than “the will to survive”.

We also get so many flashbacks showing how the first movie was done and how the characters were setup. It’s interesting background but does nothing for the story. We pretty much knew all this from the way the second movie ended. Too much time is spent justifying why Jigsaw does his evil deeds and how he makes his elaborate plans. Again, it’s interesting, but it doesn’t advance the story. If anything is slows it down and make it appear the film was too short so all this material was added to stretch the time.

Saw III is not as good as its predecessors, and it doesn’t have the same thrill of an ending. If anything the ending is something we’ve seen before and isn’t very shocking. The movie does gore for gore’s sake and the idea of tangible plot has been thrown out the window. It’s worth watching just to tie up some loose ends, but overall it doesn’t compare to the first two. Had this been the original movie, Saw would have been forgotten long ago.

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