Saw II

Saw II

Saw II begins (and ends) right where the other movie left off. A group of strangers have been thrust together and must learn to trust each other in order to get out. We learn right from the beginning that Jigsaw has captured Eric’s (Donnie Whalberg) son and put him in with the cast of misfits to play the game.

Eric has to watch on the monitors as his son moves around the unknown house watching the tests and trials he has to suffer. You can feel the rage building as Jigsaw sits calmly and quietly trying to talk to Eric. He slowly explains his motives which just incites Eric all the more. Eventually is ass-kicking time and Eric is on a full rampage to make Jigsaw tell him where his son is.

Meanwhile those who are trapped in the house are slowly dying of a nerve gas. They of course bicker and fight and if they would just work together for 10 seconds they could probably come up with a plan. But that wouldn’t make everyone suspicious of each other and further make “every man for himself”.

The main frustration is the characters not working together and not stopping for even a second to consider what to do next. They go around smashing walls and breaking everything in sight without thinking of the consequences. The movie is a little more obvious than the first on how things will turn out, but it’s still a tension filled movie with plenty of twists and painful traps. The one with Amanda in the pit of hypodermic needles had me on edge.

But again, this movie has a point. What are you willing to do to save someone else? Will you control your emotions or be ruled by them? Will you forgive or act out revenge?

Like the original this has a nice twist ending that gets you excited about watching the movie again. You get frustrated with the stupidity, but you know that’s exactly how someone would act in that set of circumstances.

A great sequel which delivers plenty of what was great about the first one. Certainly a lot more gore in this one, but then again, they had a bigger budget this time around.

I see this movie all over the place for around $5 as well so you should definitely put it on the list.

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