Bram Stoker’s Dracula – Rating 2 out of 5

Bram Stoker’s Dracula – Rating 2 out of 5

Another tragic rip off and sad remake of the classic Dracula. What the movie lacks in plot and substance it makes up for in blood and lust. The cast is comical in their roles and each seems completely out of their element. Reeves is boring as Harker, Rider is bland and boring as Mina, and Hopkins makes his role far too comical and eccentric (not in a good way) to be suspenseful.

I couldn’t get into this movie at all. It held no suspense, no thrills, was predictable at every turn and ultimately turned into a haphazard mess by the time it was over. There are some moments of excitement but the rest of the film is so devoid of life it makes this movie hard to watch.

There is no mood or atmosphere. There is no belief in the power Dracula has over people – I’m Dracula dammit! I’ll do what I want!

I thought the acting was terrible; it lacks suspense, mood or atmosphere. It’s in my collection as one of many Dracula remakes, but that’s where it will stay.

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