Count Dracula – BBC Mini-Series – Rating 3.5 out of 5

Count Dracula – BBC Mini-Series – Rating 3.5 out of 5

“For those familiar with Bram Stoker’s novel, this adaptation follows the book quite closely in most respects. Jonathan Harker visits the Count in Transylvania to help him with preparations to move to England. Harker becomes Dracula’s prisoner and discovers Dracula’s true nature. After Dracula makes his way to England, Harker becomes involved in an effort to track down and destroy the Count, eventually chasing the vampire back to his castle.”

A remake of the old classic that is indeed much longer than the original (150 minutes) and stays with the low budget end of movie making. I hadn’t heard of this version before, but it was just released on DVD recently so I had to check it out. There are more editions of Dracula out there than you can plunge a stake into, but this one is worth looking into.

There is a lot more revealed in this version of Dracula. First off though, you have to put aside some of the 70’s elements that go into this movie. Some of the hair and speech is a little off, and some of the editing looks a little off (scenes look like they were re-shot and stitched together even though the lighting isn’t the same), but overall this is a decent rework of the story. Delving much more into the story of Dracula we see Mr. Harker fall victim to Dracula, but we see more of what happens and how he tries to make his escape, how he writes the letters at the behest of Dracula and how Dracula uses his wives to seduce him.

We also see more of why Dracula has to move away from Transylvania, he’s drained the herd. He’s taken so much from the village that there is nothing for him to survive on and he is off to England for a more fertile hunting ground.

I like this version because of the low budget quality, it works with the story and tries to build the characters. There weren’t many special effects for the time and the movie is the better for it.

We see more in the way of tracking down Dracula and dealing with him and more story is revealed. Definitely worth watching to get a better rendition of this often told tale. Special effects nuts and gore fans won’t like this on, but those who want a good story will find plenty here to like.

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