Deer Woman – Masters of Horror – Rating 4 out of 5

Deer Woman – Masters of Horror – Rating 4 out of 5

"Why does everything have to have a why with you people? You know, it’s a woman with deer legs, motive really isn’t an issue here."

An offbeat horror comedy about a series of murders where the victims are beaten into mince meat by their attacker. Without leaving any evidence the police struggle to understand what is happening with these bizarre trucker murders.

One of the better episodes in this series. Brian Benben makes this movie work as Dwight Faraday who is sent to investigate a bizarre trucker murder. What he discovers is a large bloody mess – apparently the victim and not much else. Dwight and his new partner "Jacob Reed" (Anthony Griffith) continue to investigate the murder even after homicide has picked up the case.

The two continue to check the evidence, come up with theories and stumble on the "Deer Woman", a Native American legend of a woman with deer legs who seduces men and leads them to their doom.

There is no mystery about "Whodunnit" since we know who the culprit is right from the opening scene, but it’s an amusing and simple movie with a quirky and dark sense of humor. The blood and gore is at a minimum which is good since the Masters of Horror don’t know special effects for shit and sloppy effects don’t ruin a humor romp.

Cinthia Moura is amusing in a completely non-speaking role. You have to note she simply smiles and nods her heads through the movie. That and show of her chest. But I have to say, it’s an amazing chest and the movie is worth watching just to have a look. Ay Dios Mio!

It’s a fun movie done in the same style as "American Werewolf in London". A little blood and guts to keep things interesting, a wacky story line and some offbeat characters. I have been disappointed in several offerings from MOH, but I like this one. Not the for the same reason I like "The Black Cat", but it has a certain charm that makes it worthwhile.

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