Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XIX

It was better than last year, but that isn’t saying much. The Treehouse of Horror really has lost its edge compared to years gone by. It used to be an amusing parody of classic horror stories or spoofs on horror movies. At the very least it mocked some common fear. When you look at the classic episodes that centered around The Raven, The Shining or The Twilight Zone, the craptastic episodes we get now are bland and boring and seem to be put together with everyone on autopilot. They lack the subtle humor of the previous episodes and seem to be going more for shock value or perhaps even cartoon violence. Basically the episodes are just boring.

The spoof of The Great Pumpkin held a lot of potential, but it turned out to be boring and pretty damn silly. An ill tempered pumpkin wreaking havoc actually sounded pretty amusing, but the way they worked it out, it just went no where and wasn’t even funny.

And that opening scene of Homer trying to vote for Obama, was that supposed to be witty political satire? They need to go back and check the classic pieces of Halloween terror. While presidential elections might make your hair stand on end and make you fearful of the future, they really don’t rank up there as dark fiction. And that I expect the Simpson’s to be dark and scary, but these latest stories don’t even rate an amused chuckle at who they’re ripping of…

With the Treehouse of Horror now behind us, Halloween truly is over. Maybe next year they can come up with something better. I knew there was a reason I didn’t actually watch the Simpsons TV show anymore.

Treehouse of Horror XIX

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