The Number 23 – Rating 2.3 out of 5

This movie was nowhere near as bad I had lead to believe. Jim Carrey pulls off the roll of the Animal Control Officer with an offbeat sense of humor just fine. The problem with the movie is the script. The movie is narrated by Carrey who is reading the book “The Number 23” and informing us of all the 23s there are in the world and how the number is everywhere and how you can do mad by seeking them all out. Wow, scary stuff!

The movie starts off like some old detective novel mixed with heavy sarcasm and dark comedy overtones. His voice is flat and deadpan, which works great, except nothing about the subject matter or the Number 23 ever feels threatening.

There is no tension is this movie whatsoever. There is no sense of fear, or dread or anticipation. The movie is dull and lifeless and while Carrey is going crazy and obsessive over the 23 we’re all sitting there wondering why. We sit there like his wife asking, “What the hell is the big deal?”

Try as it might to install a fear of numerology and symbolism, this movie goes nowhere. What could have been a surprise ending was merely interesting since there was no lead up to it.

A few slashes with the knife and a couple of sex scenes are about the only scary things in this. Who wants to see Carrey’s ass? No offense Jimmy.

The failed plot was the death of this movie, not Carrey in a serious role. He probably could have pulled of Amityville without too much trouble or something else with a tangible plot.

It’s good to see the dark side of Carrey, but this movie didn’t let him grow. I’d like to see him take on another darker role, but something with more meat and something that makes more sense.

Sadly this movie has already hit the bargain bin due to its numerous flaws… It’s worth a rental, but don’t expect much.

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