The Abandoned – After Dark Horror Fest – 8 Films To Die For

The Abandoned – After Dark Horror Fest – 8 Films To Die For

“An American woman searching for her birth parents learns she has inherited a house in the middle of a forest in a remote area of Russia. It is the house where she was born. Abandoned and uninhabited for 40 years, it stands in total disrepair and neglect. What she finds is more than an old house. She meets a mysterious man claiming to be her twin brother and together they find the house holds dangerous secrets to a past they don’t even remember. They are forced to relive a series of horrifying events and shocking murders that occurred just after they were born, and in the place where they were supposed to die.”

Again we have a dark and gloomy house in the middle of nowhere and a woman who wants to “check things out”. She meets up with a man who is supposed to be her twin brother and together the see visions of their own murders and the murder of their parents. But that’s not all, they meet up with their own zombies or doppelgangers and now they have to prevent their own deaths.

Each one begins to see hallucinations and begins to reveal the full picture of how their father murdered their mother right after they were born. There are some creepy scenes and the zombies look scary and demonic.

But like so many of the others in this series the ending is just plain weird. It doesn’t really seem to make sense. Is she stuck in a time warp and history is repeating itself? Is she consumed by the events of the house and the fact she was never supposed to survive?

Although confusing and a little thin on plot the movie has a decent tone and the house is a great prop to use to set the mood. There is some gore and violence but pretty tame by today’s standards. It’s worth checking out to complete the series and shows promise for future ventures, but not destined to be a classic…

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