Shaun of the Dead – A Romantic Comedy

Worst romantic comedy ever. However, if you like guns, car crashes, potty humor, swearing and of course, zombies, then this movie is pretty damn funny!

Meet Shaun. Shaun works at a dead end job selling TV’s. He lives with an uptight roommate and a freeloading friend, Ed, he’s known since primary school that can’t seem to pick up anything and of course can’t hold down a job. And then there’s his girlfriend Liz; or rather, ex-girlfriend. She decides that their relationship is going nowhere and she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life going to the pub every night and having Ed hang around. And finally there is the strained relationship Shaun has with his father. Excuse me, Step Father.

As Shaun muddles through life and dealing with the breakup with girlfriend, he begins to realize that everyone in town is turning into zombies. After a slow moving and grunting herd of them show up outside his flat, Shaun and Ed realize they need to do something in order to survive. Inspired by the televisions commentator’s advice of “Cut off their heads or bash in their brains” Shaun and Ed swing into action.

Their modest attempts at tossing toasters and rocks at the undead prove ineffective, they move to the woodshed and the take up arms with cricket bat and shovel. With a quick pummeling to the head, Shaun and Ed feel they have the means to save themselves and rescue Liz. They battle their way across town, bobbing and weaving to collide with zombified pedestrians to save his mum, step dad, Liz and her two friends. Shaun chooses the Winchester Pub as his safe haven and it’s an all out cricket bat swinging survival of the fittest.

Can Shaun and his friends find sanctuary in the pub and if so, how will they survive? How long can they last? Can they outwit the slow moving, but ravenous undead?

And ultimately will Shaun get the girl?

If Shatner were to make a horror film this would be it. Overly dramatic, tension filled, bloody, gory and riddled with gun play, this is some serious fun. Shaun of the Dead is damn is low brow humor at it’s finest.

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