Halloween Desktops by Stardock

Fresh from the grave, Stardock delivers Halloween straight to your desktop. Our macabre desktop is packed full of ghoulish icons, unearthly visual styles, wicked gadgets, and a haunted wallpaper sure to send shivers through your bones.
Stardock Rest in Peace (RIP) 2007

Some of us decorate our houses, some of us decorate our office, and most of us decorate ourselves. But let us not forget the desktop. We look at it for hours on end, day after day. And instead of it inspiring fear and dread in a bad way, it should inspire fear, dread and loathing in a good way.

Behold the power of Windowblinds! With the click of a button you took can have a stylish a ghoulish desktop complete with graveyards, pumpkins, bats and ghosts. It’s not just enough to add a desktop wallpaper, I need dark windows, scary icons and the whole experience. Considering I just renew my subscription to Object Desktop for the new few years, customized desktops are always in fashion with me.

If you have Windowblinds then there is plenty you can do to make your desktop more enjoyable for the holidays. Right now, I’m running the Rest In Peace (RIP) 2007 MyColors theme. It’s a nice black theme with pumpkin and web covered icons. You also get a skinned calendar, clock and weather widget. It’s a nice theme that has a really cool look to it.

Not in the mood to buy a new theme? Still not a problem as Wincustomize has plenty of excellent free ones to choose from. Here is a pretty good list to get started with.


Some of my favorites:
RIP 2007
My Halloween (Cool swampy green suite)

Check out this page for themes, wallpapers, logins and everything you need to completely redo Windows is a total Halloween theme!

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