Ghost Adventures – Poveglia Island

The team heads out to Poveglia, a location that is literally an island built on the ashes of Plague victims. The island is basically banned to tourists and locals, but beyond that no one wants to actually go near it fearing the island is cursed. Even their guide won’t venture too far in to certain parts.

Once they get inside the activity starts with noises and voices. You can also see a lot of stuff stirring around in the air. Zak says the orbs he’s seeing are just dust, but then turns right around, changes his mind and claims these are energy orbs entering them. His makes this claim right after Nick says the entities should use their energy. Zak also uses this to support his idea of an orb passing in front of the EMF detector. Then they show some slow motion footage. During this you see a pulse of light heading toward them and then hitting them in the neck. How is this anything more than a dust speck hitting them in the dark? Then you see a speck fly across the screen in front of the detector. Again, how is more than just dust? There is the coincidence of a reading as well, but are they truly related? I can’t say what actually happened, I obviously wasn’t there, but I find some fault in their connection of events.

And then you have the supposed possession of Zak as he yells at Aaron and then punches the wall and wails as Nick looks on. Then Nick tries to drag Zak out of the room so he can get his bearings. Zak further explains that he doesn’t recall all the events and felt a dark energy take over.

Demonic possession or scenes from the William Shatner school of overacting? Did Zak get possessed or feel overwhelmed by something? Only he can answer that.

But the ordeal is enough to make them question whether they should go on so outside they go to sprinkle some Holy water and ward off evil. This was a little overkill for me. It comes across as a touch on the dramatic side.

After these two incidents we movie outside to experience voices, possible footsteps and then the camera toppling over. The camera tipping over was pretty neat, except that it was windy outside. If you look at the grass or reeds in the field you can see them swaying and you can hear the wind against the microphone. I’m not totally discounting the event, but there could be a pretty easy explanation for what happened.

As far the voices they keep hearing, I can’t say I agree with those either. They’re on an island, but it’s within eyesight and earshot of the mainland. How are we sure the noises and smells aren’t just coming from a couple hundred yards away? Those voices could just as easily be birds or other animals just making their usual nightly sounds.

Now, about that black shadow Nick sees on the video. It looks interesting, but again is this just a swaying tree hitting the moonlight a certain way? Or do we really have something moving across the room?

I’m not sure how I feel about this one since a lot of the evidence seems like it can be debunked or at least an alternative explanation. This is certainly a dark place that has the natives rattled. But is there really something going on or is the place more fueled by superstition than anything else?

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3 Responses to Ghost Adventures – Poveglia Island

  • Courtney says:

    Good post. One bit of evidence that seemed impressive but was debunkable (or borderline toss out worthy) was the view of the plague field and the grass moving as if someone was walking through it. The wind was clearly audible on the audio…providing a possible explanation there. And the supposed possession part??? Well, it seemed just too unlikely and hokey. Or, as you aptly put it “too dramatic.” Good post!

  • Devin says:

    Decent. I am a firm beliver in the Supernatural and These guys are going, “Hey. We should go to one of the most haunted places in Italy and reannact a piece of history, and see if something happens.” Zac’s ‘Possesion’ seemed real enough, but it looked a bit dramatic. In short, what they do is cool, but extremely stupid becaus the Ghosts and Demons can do anything they want to.

  • Katie says:

    Some of this stuff seems pretty legit but other things are a little overdone to be considered believable. Zak’s possession seemed pretty real but there is no way it would be that violent of a reaction. It was too dramatic. Good episode though, I’ll never ever ever set foot there.

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