Paranormal Challenge – Ohio State Reformatory – S01E04

This was the best investigation they’ve had so far. Even though there were some obvious blunders there was a lot of activity and for the most part the teams held up well.

The main problem was Eerie Paranormal forgot to turn on the voice recorder and missed out on capturing evidence while the Mel Meter was going off. Who knows what they missed out on and it shows they were either nervous or a little unfamiliar with the technology.

Both teams heard a lot of bangs and a lot of metal on metal sounds like doors closing or something hitting the bars. One interesting item was the sound of a metal key hitting the floor. They find the key, but where did it come from? Was it in fact paranormal? Could it have been on the ground all along and one of them just happened to kick it?

On multiple occasions, Darcy from the Eerie Paranormal team says she is getting touched. Also, as Eerie Paranormal is working with the camera it suffers a power drain right as they hear noises. But you have to ask, did it really drain or did they forget to set it up correctly? They’ve had a couple of blunders so it’s hard to not think this is just negligence. Before the investigation is over they actually lose their digital recorder. They put it down and can’t find it again. Someone is wearing a ribbon of shame for that one.

As far as evidence goes they didn’t have anything that I consider to be all that solid.

For Eerie Paranormal they present an EVP of “Let’s go” and “They’re not built like us”. Their video evidence is basically two orbs floating around. I don’t like orbs so I don’t like this evidence.

Steel Town Paranormal offers up “a long loud moan” and the phrase “Gang rape … this girl” then Melanie from the team gets touched. I don’t hear that phrase at all, just fyi. And neither does Dave.

The video evidence is an orb and a shadow of someone sitting on the bench. Neither of those are really worth anything.

But before a winner is chosen the “Let’s go” of Eerie Paranormal is investigated a little further and we run into some problems. It’s not a voice from beyond at all. Unfortunately its Eerie Paranormal committing another blunder.

I thought the teams did much better this time around and there was a lot of things to pay attention to. Lots of noises even some moans. Eerie Paranormal may have committed some amateur mistakes, but at least they weren’t bickering constantly or standing around wondering what to do. But they did goof, and it cost them.

Maybe this show is getting better. What do you think? Are the teams getting better? Are they getting decent evidence? Do the teams need a refresher course before they head out?

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