Ghost Adventures – The Queen Mary – S10E01

image For this adventure Zak, Nick and Aaron head out to California to visit the floating museum of the Queen Mary, a steam liner that one served as an opulent cruise ship for the rich and famous, but was then pressed into service as a troop transport. While it didn’t see actual combat, it brought back plenty of men who did. And it wasn’t the enemy that caused damage to the ship, but an accident that involved it’s own escort ship. The two collided which killed hundreds of men on the smaller boat. From reports, many of those deaths were caused when men were literally pulled into the wake of the massive propellers of the Queen Mary. Certainly a grim way to go.

There are reports of figures and the voice of a little girl heard in multiple places from the pool to the hallways. Interestingly, there are no reports of a girl ever being killed on board. There are also reports of numerous voices as well as shadow figures. Multiple groups have investigated this location including Peter James who may have done first documented paranormal investigation on board. His video also records the voice of a girl. Some claim it’s the same little girl. Based on the activity, many claim this to be the most haunted ship in the world. Mind you, they never say how many ships are on the list. While the ship didn’t see combat deaths did occur, both from wounded soldiers being brought back and from prisoners who apparently died in the less than spectacular conditions below decks.

Right from the start the team feels like they’re experiencing the paranormal and without any real evidence to support it, they conclude it to be dark energy. There is a claim the voice of the little girl heard by Peter James is the same girl that was captured 20 years later. There was some sort of forensic analysis, but let’s not give out the name of the company that did the work. that would be silly. This feel of dread seems to be based on feeling dizzy in the area by the pool and that the "voices" seem angry. Billy feels he’s choking on smoke while filming and a bad vibe is running through the place. They haven’t captured any real evidence yet, but it’s time to draw conclusions

Zak brings in Debby Constantino to validate the voices they hear. Without skipping a beat she picks out the voices are angry and that since there is no reported death of a little girl, the voice must be an imposter and something sinister. Zak has contacted some friends of Peter James who brought his favorite jackets with them. Zak jumps at the chance to do a séance (which he’s been against multiple times in the past because of the evil spirits that slip through) and immediately states he hears a door opening which must be the presence of Peter. He also concludes that balls of light are heading straight for those same jackets. Any ball of light they see is deemed spirit energy and it always seems to end up in someone. It either comes down on top of their heads or sneaks up and goes in through their backs.

As the investigation goes on they feel the presence of someone, Nick claims to get pushed right around the door 13 where a sailor was killed. And according to Zak it was a suspicious death. No evidence to support that claim, but that’s what he’s going with. They see a figure move in front of an open door and hear a girl calling out to them. Oddly, the voice of the girl sounds remarkably like Debby Constantino who just happens to be off by herself. Additionally, Zak says he sees more orbs making their way into both him and Debby as they work their way around the ship. Clearly a ship of this age can’t have dust or particles flying around, it has to be spirit energy.

Armed with what appears to be a Kinect attached to a camera or some such, Zak claims to get a figure coming right at him. Oh course, he nearly soils himself as it sounds like he’s on the verge of screaming. It’s an interesting phenomenon to be sure, but it could be anything and who knows what their device is registering. They put a lot of faith in an Xbox toy from Microsoft.

So far the ship has revealed orbs, voices, bangs, knocks, pushes and a full figure walking in front of a door. Oh my goodness, it’s the most haunted ship in the world!

From, where I’m sitting, I’m not convinced by a single piece of evidence they caught. I don’t believe the ship is anything more than a creaking, old, metallic boat that makes plenty of odd, but perfectly natural noises and I don’t believe any of the voices they captured are real. They went into this investigation utterly convinced the ship is haunted and as soon as they put a foot on the ship they state their is a demonic presence. How in the hell can they be objective and debunk anything when their mind is already made up? It happens all the time, but is more and more blatant with every episode.

I’ve been less than impressed with how Ghost Adventures conducts themselves and this has pretty much pushed me over the edge. It’s really getting hard to tune in for this nonsense any more. It’s degraded to showboating and overly dramatizing every little thing that happens. Every place they visit is haunted, all the spirits are evil, all the orbs are trying to take over Zak and demons are parading around as kids. And this is what they believe before opening the front door. The idea of waiting for the evidence to come in before coming to a conclusion is a lost idea for these guys.

I used to enjoy the locations they went to and hearing about the history. It’s just become too "emo" for me. Not everything is a portal to hell. As with so many other shows, I think this one has run it’s course.

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  • weekendroady says:

    I really want to believe that a majority of the “weird” stuff that GAC captures for the show is really paranormal (or, better yet, ghostly/spiritual). It’s almost too hard to believe this is not just drummed up and manufactured for pure entertainment. However, despite all the TV dollars involved, I do think the three of them are genuinely interested in finding “real” ghosts. Are they playing it up? Oh sure. Are they faking evidence? Maybe…but I think they are moreso skewing the evidence to fit the story they want to tell.

    There’s really no scientific way to “prove” ghostly presence in this world, so it’s hard to knock them for trying a million different tech inventions/experiments to see what pops up. What else are you gonna do? If anything, the amount of money poured into these Adventures at the very least allows for these somewhat audacious experiments to happen. I’m certain no credible scientists or institutions would spend oodles of dough chasing ghosts, but that’s why we have Travel Channel. As silly as it sounds, at least someone is throwing a ton of money at this to see what happens. I guess that’s the whole point. If they eventually hit on something very compelling and the experience can be easily replicated/proved then I suppose it was worth it…

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