America’s Most Haunted Inns

Travelers rely on inns that line the byways and highways of the country to rest their weary heads after a day on the road. But in some places, an eerie hospitality awaits, as they share quarters with the spirits that have refused to move on. This chilling documentary visits some of the most haunted inns in America, including a house where maids from colonial times clean the rooms and a hotel that used to be part of the Underground Railroad.

To put it mildly this is 60 minutes of complete crap with some of the most easily disputed paranormal evidence I have ever seen. We all love stories about haunted inns and rooms with a sordid past where you can spend the night and experience something odd, but this little documentary turns out to be nothing more than Cathe Curtis wandering around a couple of hotels acting like she is having hallucinations. Or she’s drunk. While her demeanor to the spirit world is noteworthy her evidence is a complete farce. She claims to see orbs all over the room and calls these people by their names. She is certainly playing it up as though she can see something. And when you look at the evidence they gather you can spots on the image.

Being a photographer myself, this looks like nothing more than a dirty lens to me. Or, if you want to dispute that, it’s light reflecting off the dust that exists in the room. This is hardly worthwhile evidence. I completely discount orbs as nothing more than dirt, bugs or mosquitoes. You can make blobs appear by having a dirty camera sensor. I remember the first Ghost Hunters episodes where Jay and Grant are saying orbs are useless and aren’t signs of the paranormal. I have to agree. It’s dirt you ninny!

Cathe and her photographer also take some video footage showing dozens of orbs working their way around the room. Again, nothing more than dust or pollen floating around. There is nothing to even suggest this is paranormal activity. It’s not like there are bumps or sounds or knocks or anything to even suggest a presence is in the room with them. In fact, one video clip makes it look like dust is being blown around by the AC unit in the corner. The particles speed up as they pass in front of the grates of the vent.

Another piece of evidence is a bunch of still shots with some sort of mist or fog clouding the image. They have it circled with "Ectoplasm Spirit Image" written in the margin. Uh, no. Not buying that for a second. It looks like nothing more than smoke. Considering the photographer is indeed a smoker it’s not that big of a stretch to think he was smoking while taking these images. Holding the camera with a lit cigarette in your hand would give you the exact same effect. If it’s that easy to recreate, it’s not paranormal, at least not to me.

This has got to be the biggest scam I have ever seen. How anyone could consider this real evidence of the paranormal and a haunting is beyond me. The "evidence" presented here is far worse than those ridiculously blurry photos of Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. I was laughing too hard to even try and take this documentary seriously. I don’t know who this woman and her photographer are, but this will certainly be the last time I ever watch anything they create. This DVD is so bad you have to wonder if it’s a spoof.

America’s Most Haunted Inns (Amazon)
America’s Most Haunted Inns (Netflix)

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