Ghost Hunters Academy – Almost making Ghost Lab look good

After just two episodes I stand in awe of the garbage the Ghost Hunters team will slap their name on. It’s almost neck and neck as to which is the dumber show, this horrid creation and the pathetic "contestants" they brought on board, or the tragic and inept antics of the Ghost Lab team and their claims of the paranormal. Just when you thought Ghost Hunters couldn’t get any worse, they spin off this bizarre creation.

Tune in to watch Steve and Tango try to act grown up as they travel across the country in their tricked out black Winnebago trying to teach a group of misfits what it’s like to participate in the non-paying world of paranormal investigations. A field of inquiry they can’t quite quantify, have a hard time justifying, and don’t really get paid for. Umm, what are we watching this for again?

I’ve only seen two episodes, but I can’t bring myself to watch any more. The very thought of seeing Heathyr with her fingers in her ears while the rest of the team discusses the location and it’s history makes my skin crawl. Morbid curiosity makes me want to tune in just to see how bad it gets, but common sense (and a heaping bottle of tequila) keeps me from actually clicking "Play". I just can’t do it. This show doesn’t have a single element that interests me, and like the regular Ghost Hunters this show and I have to part ways. It’s just not in the cards baby. It’s pretty bad when there are as many Ghost Hunter spinoffs as there are CSI spinoffs. When Ghost Hunters: Miami comes out, I’ll tune in. Until then, this show is going into the trash.

The last hope is Ghost Hunter International, but so far, that show is in the wind and MIA. And from the rumors I’ve seen who knows who’ll actually be coming back to do the show.

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