When will the Ghost Hunters be exposed?

It seems there’s a lot of evidence mounting that indicates the Ghost Hunters team may be taking some liberties with their investigations. A lot of analysis has been done since Halloween 2008 when Grant was supposedly pulled in all sorts of directions by an unseen force during the live investigation. Since then, many people have gone back to review their footage to see if their claims match the evidence. Some, are even going back to the very first episodes where they claim to have gotten some of their very best evidence.

If you have a look at these two articles over at Haunt Jaunts you’ll see several of the clips people are talking about and some questions you should consider as you watch the evidence for yourself.

Thoughts on Ghost Hunters Faking Evidence

The Faked Footage Ghost Hunters Doesn’t Want You to See

Further, we have the somewhat vague but interesting comments made by former Ghost Hunters case manager Donna LaCroix. While she didn’t say any faking had taken place, she did make comment about unusual editing, that people need to think for themselves and that everyone is out to stab you in the back. Not exactly the hometown atmosphere you would expect.

It would be naïve to think that there’s not millions riding on the success of Ghost Hunters. With it’s "humble" beginnings as two blue-collar plumbers who investigate the paranormal into the now multiple franchises, with a slew of copycats, there’s big money to be made. And clearly Jason and Grant have made a few dollars along the way since we all know they bought the Spalding Inn together. There’s a lot on the line to keep people watching.

If you go back to those first episodes, Jason disputed just about every piece of evidence and said it would be hard for him to rule something as haunted unless he had conclusive proof. Now? He labels everything as having paranormal activity, skipping the use of the word, "haunted". Is the evidence any more solid? I don’t think it is.

So is the Ghost Hunter franchise taking a few shortcuts to make good television and keep people interested? As they admit, they’re dealing with something that you can’t inherently prove. Can they really be accused of faking something that most people don’t believe in anyway? Are they pulling strings and setting up scenes for the paranormal to appear? Considering the grainy green glow of the camera, how hard is it to trace something that isn’t there or have people fill in the dots to make something appear? People will believe what they want to believe. No one is actually being charged for their services, right?

Did they skip 2009’s Halloween special to let the fervor die down since everyone would be watching with hawk eyes to see if there were any shenanigans and they just didn’t want to risk it?

It seems like calling their evidence into question is not just an isolated incident anymore. Are they walking a very fine line and it’s only a matter of time?

Real evidence of creative license?

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5 Responses to When will the Ghost Hunters be exposed?

  • Hey there! I love your post! My vote is creative license. I didn’t want to think that, but anymore…and I enjoyed how you brought up the lack of Halloween Hoopla like in years past. I had thought maybe I missed something. Nope. They truly didn’t do one! Oh, and thanks for the link-up. I now have a new blog to add to my RSS and blogroll!

  • Rob says:

    I dont know what to believe anymore. they did do another live broadcast. either in 2009 or begining of 2010. the show was live but the “investigation” wasnt, weird right? they did the investigation then had a 2 hour long live special where they sat around an audience and watched it on a big screen. this was when they investigated alcratraz by the way.

  • RottenOne says:

    Hey Rob,

    That was just a month or so ago for their 100th episode. It was touted as a live investigation of Alcatraz then turned into an investigation with live interviews. And to say those were interviews is a pretty big stretch. It seemed like it was mainly to promote the franchise with the investigation as a “bonus”.

    Either way, they didn’t do a live investigation and I doubt they ever will again. I personally don’t think they take the time to debunk like they used to since that doesn’t make for haunted television and good ratings. Plus I think there would be way too much scrutiny over a live investigation and they don’t want to risk it. Personally I think the jacket tugging incident of 2008 nearly ruined them or at the very least really made people question them. One more false claim like that and the entire franchise could easily go down the toilet.

  • iknowright122 says:

    They did NOT skip 2009, because I watched it.

  • James Sattler says:

    Good stuff

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