Independent investigation of the Spalding Inn

Like hell it was!

This investigation is another issue I have with the Ghost Hunters. Jason and Grant are free to spend their money on whatever they want, however, when they turn their show into a blatant plug for a new business venture, that is going a little too far. Plus, if they think their new Inn is haunted why didn’t they get an actual independent investigation? Getting Robb from the Ghost Hunters International team to do the investigation was a pretty half-baked attempt at distancing themselves from the outcome. Would it be fair to say that Jason and Grant are Robb’s bosses? What do you think would have happened had Robb said, "Nope, there’s nothing going on here. This place isn’t haunted at all." Do think he would have been host of GHI for much longer?

I guess he thought the same thing which is why he says the place is haunted even after he’s captured some of the weakest evidence to date. Robb has a job to do and that’s declare this place haunted regardless of what he finds. The team claims to have personal experiences, but they could just be trying to act the part so to speak. When all is said and done they walk away with some pretty lame findings.

The way this comes off is a blatant attempt at advertising for their new business. And from this point forward we see multiple occasions where Jason and Grant are wearing Spalding Inn sweatshirts. Nothing like free advertising I guess. At least they announced it before advertising for it.

But the big question still remains, if they really thought this place was haunted (and not turn this episode into an Infomercial) why didn’t they get a completely independent group to come in? Robb is on their payroll so that hardly seems fair or ethical. Where is the unbiased opinion? I guess they can’t break ranks and go outside of the TAPS and SyFy family, but the way they handled this just smells oh so fishy. I guess had it come up not haunted it would have tanked business eh?

And are we really going to believe that Jason and Grant didn’t know the place was haunted when they bought it? That either makes them the worst researchers out there or complete liars. Two guys who’ve made millions with the paranormal claim they bought a property without knowing it’s history? Are they stupid or do they think we’re that stupid?

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