What’s with all the secrecy?

Ok, so I have a few things gnawing at me about the Ghost Hunters, but I feel these are issues people need to keep in mind about these guys as the new season is about to start up. I think it speaks volumes to their honesty and integrity. Or perhaps lack thereof.

For years Jason and Grant have refused to discuss the paranormal experience that got them involved in ghost hunting in the first place, yet they expect everyone around them to be open and honest about the paranormal with them.

If you recall, Josh Gates asked Jason and Grant point blank what paranormal experience brought them into the field and they replied it was personal. They even explained they never discussed it with their wives. So you’re a paranormal investigator who won’t talk about your own personal experiences with the paranormal? Interesting.

Not to miss a beat on making some extra money however, Jason and Grant write a book about being a ghost hunter and reveal their big secret within it’s pages. But wait! They scarcely go into detail about what their paranormal experience was! So you have to pay to hear about it, but then not hear about it. Classy!

It would seem that if you want people to be open to the idea of the paranormal you would relate your own personal story to show that it can happen to anyone and that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Way to lead by example guys!

"In this book you learn how TAPS was formed, and how Jason and Grant first met. One question that has been asked is why both Jason and Grant got into this field of paranormal research. What happened, or what kind of experience leads them to investigate the Paranormal. Jason Hawes does explain what his experience was that lead him to paranormal research, and although Grant Wilson does not go into detail about his experience, there are some details revealed about what transpired to lead him to this field of research."

Ghost Hunting, by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, with Michael Jan Friedman

Certainly makes you want to trust these guys doesn’t it?

Jumping to Paranormal State, Ryan says his experiences with the supernatural terrified him yet he won’t discuss any aspect of that experience. Further, he gives the stink eye to anyone who holds back information from him during his interrogation, I mean interview with clients. Yet he is holding back every time we watch this show. And if you watched the Western State episode he has a tirade because of how personal this is to him, yet even Sergey, who is one of his best friends and has been on the team from the beginning only knows a little of what brought Ryan to the paranormal.

And finally Zak from Ghost Adventures held back and gave himself this air of mystery about his experiences, but at least he didn’t take years to say what happen. However he’s been less than forthcoming with all the details instead trying to build suspense over his experience and work it into a show – which just aired recently.

These guys are complete hypocrites. They want to keep their lives private while they make their clients lives public. It’s been five years for Jason and Grant, four years for Ryan and three years for Zak, why is it taking so long for these guys to be honest with us?

Have they actually had a paranormal experience or does that just sound better for the show?

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One Response to What’s with all the secrecy?

  • Rob says:

    if you watch the VERY first video ghost adventures does which is the hour and a half documentary (aired on the sci-fi channel years before ghost adeventures became an actual show on the travel channel) zak talks about his experience and even brings you to the place it occured at. but the other 2 shows are correct ^.^ their very secretive about it.

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