Are the Ghost Hunters coming apart at the seams?

I don’t normally pay much attention to gossip especially when it involves the Ghost Hunters by two recent events really had me thinking.

First off, Britt Griffith is sent packing from the show after saying some less than complimentary terms while on the radio. Just to throw in my two cents, what Britt said was incredibly stupid and even though I don’t think he was spreading hate or violence the term is indeed offensive and he will have to suffer the consequences of his actions. It was a dumb thing to do and he should have known better. The caliber of investigator on the show is starting to shows signs of stress.

Secondly, we now have Kris Williams being shuffled off to Ghost Hunters International after serving several years with Jason and Grant on Ghost Hunters. There are two ways to look at this, first, GHI ratings are in the dumper and the show needs someone to come on and bail them out. Kris is well known and could easily bring over viewers. Second, she might be becoming too popular on the show and Jason and Grant don’t want to be overshadowed by her. She might be stealing too much of their thunder.

So will Kris save GHI or did she get her marching papers? Will GHI survive another year or is there where old investigators go to die?

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