What happened to Brian Harnois?

You remember Brian don’t you? He was the little kid Jason used to pick on relentlessly in the first season of the Ghost Hunters. When there was grunt work to be done, he was assigned the task. When a scapegoat was needed, he was called into service. And yes, he was the done running down the halls of Eastern State yelling, "Dude, Run!"

After being shoved off Ghost Hunters he made a brief stint on Ghost Hunters International. And from there, he disappeared. Like an apparition himself, he simply disappeared into the Ether.

It’s been a few years since I’ve seen or heard anything about it. I think we’ve all been expecting some sort of cameo on one of the Ghost Hunters shows, but alas, it has never come to pass. But Brian isn’t down and out. It seems he’s been busy building his own paranormal network.

I saw his name pop on a Twitter post and then, following that, landed on his "The Paranormals" site.

The Paranormals is a national investigation team founded by Brian Harnois

In the process of pursuing the goal of obtaining data to lead to a better understanding of ghosts and hauntings, our first ambition is to aid any individuals who are having problems dealing with or understanding a paranormal situation.

Give the site a look and see what Brian has been up to lately.

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19 Responses to What happened to Brian Harnois?

  • There has been a good handful of mainstream media articles on Brian lately. Shy of digging through all of my March posts, here is one of the more informative articles I’ve tripped over lately. He’s doing a lot of ‘talks’, conferences, etc all over the country.

    Brian Harnois

  • Ben says:

    Who cares ! He is a has been, and always be a has been. I is just trying to live off his previous faiulre, and he failed hard. No one liked him, and those that did, only liked him out of pitty. He sucked at his job, and he sucks at life. Follow him on FB if u really wanna see how much he sucks,, been outta work, just gota a shitty job, and married to and ugly pig of a wife, STILL trying to cling to his 15 min of fame. Its pathetic really

  • RottenOne says:

    Come on now, that’s a little harsh. Brian wasn’t too bad. Unfortunately, I think he was turned into Jason and Grant’s whipping boy to try and stir up some drama and ratings for the original show. It looked like they were setting him up for failure just so they could berate him for the camera. I think he got screwed in all this Ghost Hunters business.

  • Stupid Ben says:

    Wow Ben such a big mouth for someone who will NEVER get 15 mins of Fame.

  • Patrick says:

    I’ve heard Brian Harnois speak at a conference and follow him on Facebook. He is talented and personable. His wife is attractive and his kids are adorable.

  • Ben's a Douche says:

    Wow Ben you are a douche, that’s all.

  • Sherbze says:

    It seemed that Brian Harnois had some personal issues and some maturity problems with prioritizing, but his enthusiasm
    was priceless. He was trying to work through them and it seemed that Jason and Grant were trying to work with
    him on it, but he just couldn’t keep it together. Still, I think he was treated badly at times, his weaknesses exploited,
    especially by Steve. Steve can be really annoying at times, a bit self-rightous. It’s annoying to hear about his own issues like being afraid of heights, being afriad of spiders, being afraid to fly, etc. Why don’t you just go home, sit on the couch with your teddy bear and suck your thumb?? Do you think his lame ass would have climbed the lighthouse stairs three times to adjust the sound mic?? At least Brian was all out there, b–lls to the wall, not pretentious….”dude, run!” – I don’t care what they say, that’s one of the best scenes in GH history.

  • Sherbze's Right says:

    I completely agree, Sherbze. I like GH and still watch it, but the episodes without Brian have been a lot less fun. Steve is decidedly peculiar and a first class jerk, and I’m also really tired of hearing about all his phobias. Any adult with that many things that scare them should be spending their time with a psychologist, not ghost hunting. He’s continually making Tango the butt of his cruel jokes, yet no one makes fun of Steve’s unending psychiatric issues. I always felt Brian got the the shaft, and the show is just not as good without him. Steve is zero fun to watch or listen to and the show would be better off without him.

  • Tlyna says:

    Brian screwed up big time and paid for it. Still when he came back I don’t think he was given a fair chance I thinkBrian decided they wouldn’t ever really accept that he had realized what he had done and changed so he finally just gave up. I have some of the same phobias as Steve but I don’t endlessly talk about them and do my damnedest to work through them. Steve was a real jerk regarding Brian and still is. I still think that he got rid of the computer mouse in the one episode and the table in another so it could be (and was) blamed on Brian. Steve was tech supervisor so he should have caught the blame in both instances. I agree that he is also one to Tango. He needs to get over himself.

  • legolady says:

    I agree with a lot of the positive remarks and some of the negative ones. But no one is perfect, and at the age of 58 I still say and do stupid things and I want to say ” I didn’t do or say it”. It eats me up inside and I just go over and over what I should have done or said. I agree he should’ve perhaps owned up to what he did wrong, but when you have an audience and aggressive personalities like Grant verbaly berating you on camera, well enough said. In my opinion I feel there was always something going on when Brian was on the show, it seems ghosts were attracted to him. I really like Jason and Grant but they needed to settle employee issues off camera. I also agree Steve was and is too eager to show up someone unnecessarily. It really came across on that stupid Ghost Hunters Academy, I still don’t see how you allowed those young people to go thru all that meanes. Jason and Grant didn’t in any way treat Steve and Tango or anyone else like those people were, accept Brian. I stopped watching after the first few shows it was always reminding me of humiliation I was put thru as kid, teen and adult. Glad you dropped it. I am still a fan of new shows and I love the flashlight conversations, I want to see more.

  • Rick says:

    Brian Harnois was a cancer to that team. He lied and abandoned his team members. Then he blamed it on his “relationship”. No man does that. It was easy to blame being a douchebag on his girlfriend (who wasn’t there to defend herself) instead of taking responsibility for his douchebaggery.

    I’ve always hated that guy with a passion that burns like the fire of a thousand sons, lol. (OK, slight exaggeration)

    The only word that really summarizes his plethora of semi-retarded behaviors:


  • Rick's Nut Sack says:

    Rick is a prick. Wishing harm on the Harnois. Calling him names and such!

    Shame on you, Rick. Thank you for running Grant off the show. And your daughter sucks.

  • Tater says:

    Brian like Aron on Ghost Adventures added character to the show, but tattoo freak,Steve, has no nothing to the show. He is a premadonna and no talent. The show would be great with Brian back where he belongs.

  • You're All Idiots says:

    Seriously…you’re all arguing over douchebag Brian like he’s worth the arguement. He was arrested recently in R.I. because he was drunk, had nowhere to stay, and decided that he should break into the local PBS TV station to spend the night. He was a liar, and had absolutely no credibility. That is why he is gone. And yes, I know this to be fact. I work on the show. He did tons more harm than he ever did good. The rest of the cast TRIED to help him, time after time after time. He’s old news.

  • David says:

    I watched the Ghost Hunters since season 1. I am in the US Navy and have even had my wife send me the Ghost Hunter DVD sets when I am deployed overseas. I think the different personalities on the show make the show. Did I like Brian on the show, yes, but our opinions really don’t matter in the end. The ever evolving structure is like all other shows. Take or leave it, be a fan or move on. I enjoy change, and hopefully change will bring in new viewers to a show and a hobby to some that we all enjoy.

  • Linda Diaz says:

    Brian to me was part of ghost hunters …the good part, all those people putting him down are obviously sick twisted and jealous . I hope he makes alot of money and some good network picks him up for a show all his own. As for steve I know for a fact that when brian came back to the show it really made steve jealous and he really hated jason and grant for bringing him back.Yes steve with the rolling of the eyes everytime brian said anything … really steve? Thats why you never see anything or get to see an appirition is because not even the ghosts like you ..think about it you cant fly you are afraid of heights scared of spiders and bugs what are you agirl!!! Your not worth the trouble its to bad jason cant see it but than you brown nose your way thru everything…you are not even a good investigator you bring nothing to the table …people see all episodes with steve and you will see he does nothing even doing EVPS he is so boring ..ghosts hate you steve thats why you will never see one!! And say the truth how many times did you set brian up to fail ?? You whiner !! I guess you got what you wanted are you taking grants place now?? Youll never fill his shoes!!!

  • Richard Bhottoms says:

    All of you are fat mouth breathing idiots, keep watching terrible shows and arguing over who is the fattest potato chip eater. Get off your couch mow the lawn or something lay off the diet soda.

  • Laughing Stalk says:

    I think Brian needs to get his crap together too. BUT he is human, and made the wronf choices when he was suckered into 2 kids from a fat lazy women who claimed to be on birth control. I wish him luck. Wish i got to meet him maybe he will come to Florida one day and start his own show.

  • Laughing Stalk says:

    I cant believe you people his baby momma is the reason for his screwed up life. Ready her facebook she is getting free things from everyone because they feel bad for her. But ask her what she does to make her life better. nothing at all. id like people to put there real names in her as they post. Big mouths cant show who you are?>

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