Brian Harnois

What happened to Brian Harnois?

You remember Brian don’t you? He was the little kid Jason used to pick on relentlessly in the first season of the Ghost Hunters. When there was grunt work to be done, he was assigned the task. When a scapegoat was needed, he was called into service. And yes, he was the done running down the halls of Eastern State yelling, "Dude, Run!"

After being shoved off Ghost Hunters he made a brief stint on Ghost Hunters International. And from there, he disappeared. Like an apparition himself, he simply disappeared into the Ether.

It’s been a few years since I’ve seen or heard anything about it. I think we’ve all been expecting some sort of cameo on one of the Ghost Hunters shows, but alas, it has never come to pass. But Brian isn’t down and out. It seems he’s been busy building his own paranormal network.

I saw his name pop on a Twitter post and then, following that, landed on his "The Paranormals" site.

The Paranormals is a national investigation team founded by Brian Harnois

In the process of pursuing the goal of obtaining data to lead to a better understanding of ghosts and hauntings, our first ambition is to aid any individuals who are having problems dealing with or understanding a paranormal situation.

Give the site a look and see what Brian has been up to lately.

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