Do you believe in the Ouija?

The Ouija as we know it has been around for 120 years and quite possibly hundreds more, with many people staking claim to it’s awesome power to commune with the dead and open portals to the demonic. It’s been the subject of multiple movies and we all know the trouble Regan go into with one. So what’s your thoughts? Is the Ouija a directly channel to evil spirits or just a piece of cardboard with pretty lettering on it?

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One Response to Do you believe in the Ouija?

  • Rob says:

    I have had only one successful contact with a Ouija board about 10 years ago. I was with a small group of people and this contact gave personal info about one of the guys, Wayne (his middle name) who came to the small party. This was in a military barracks and the contact claimed to be the deceased brother of Wayne. Wayne was brand new to our unit, having first come in the day before from his AIT station. The contact gave his name and their mother’s name and answered one pertinent yes/no question about Wayne. Wayne took his hand off the planchette when he saw that the name which came through was his brother’s; I told him to take his hand off because I was partially skeptical and I wanted to see if it was legitimate. Personally, I am convinced that something paranormal did happen.
    Ever since then, I have had no successful contacts and have not even used a board since shortly after that night.
    I personally think a Ouija board is just as much a useful medium of spiritual communication as anything else, but in and of itself it is relatively harmless.

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