I Am Zozo – A Review

image With all this fervor about the Ouija and this supposed Zozo entity, I decided to check out the movie, I Am Zozo, which features Darren Evans, they guy we see playing the Ouija board in the Ghost Adventures episode. This is supposed to be a cautionary tale of what happens when you play around with forces you don’t comprehend.

The story involves friends who spend Halloween on a private island and discover there is no electricity. They spend the evening speaking to the Ouija and make contact with some benign spirits. Then things turn dark and evil as Zozo appears to cause them harm.

As a horror movie it’s pretty bad and as some sort of cautionary tale, it’s even worse. The movie portion is bad from the tragic, wooden acting. It’s starts off with an interesting idea, but goes nowhere. Plus, it looks like it was shot on film from the 70s. The colors are washed out, the film is grainy and everything looks like crap. Conjuring an evil force on Halloween sounds scary, but this makes it seem ridiculous and laughable. The movie went nowhere and took a like time to make the journey.

By the time we reach the climax of the story that Tess had lost her mind over the death of her friends, there’s no reason to give a damn.

And then we have Darren Evans who comes in with his words of warning over how bad the Ouija is, how deceptive Zozo is and that even touching the board can bring in evil. This overly dramatic message is simply lost considering how lame this movie is.

This wasn’t even a ripoff of the lame, but amusing Witchboard, of years gone by. This movie makes the whole idea of Zozo an even bigger joke than it seems already.

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