Haunted Collector – Firestarter and Haunted Museum – S02E10


The first episode deals with a family who has the strange problem of fire starting all over the place. They had fires inside, outside and even on a bed. Either they have the worst electrical wiring ever or a pyro living in the house. There are also claims that the mouth on the picture of the grandfather moves.

As they investigate the house it doesn’t seem like they come away with much. Nor do they really come across any sort of explanation for the events. It seems like if things are catching fire that easily, maybe you need to get an electrician, not someone trying to find some sort of paranormal answer.

But in continuing on with the investigation there are lots of bangs and bumps, but considering the age of the place, that would be expected. These bangs and bumps lead them to the attic where they happen to discover they Ouija they’ve been searching for. And again, if the thing is so damn dangerous why did they even let it into the house?

Ironically, John says not to touch the damn thing, in a rather hysterical voice by the way, then manhandles it himself. So which is it? Naturally, this is what John associated with the problems. Just mention the Ouija and people flip out. And the fact it’s ripped means the spirit associated with it has been unleashed. Where did that come from?

Let me start off by saying, I don’t believe that the Ouija has any power to communicate with spirits. I don’t think it’s evil or brings spirits into your house. It’s just a piece of cardboard. I don’t under the fear that it conjures. And if it does have so much power why aren’t investigators using it? If this is truly the tool to speak with the other side, then let’s get to dialing!

This episode has some serious issues and I think blaming a piece of cardboard locked away in the attic is a little misguided.

Haunted Museum

The team heads off to an old museum where the chess pieces move and shadow figures walk the halls. Of course, the way the intro plays, we’re lead to believe this is the work of the spirit that wore the Klan robe.

It turns out that activity is pretty non-existent in this place. They set up a vibration mat on the chess board, but nothing mystical happens. What does happen is we learn trucks and other things drive by and cause the place to vibrate.

As the night progresses their EVP sessions and banging noises make them open a little cubby and make the “unexpected” discovery of a slave tag near the Klan robe. Take about irony and viewer ratings!

The case needs to be made that prejudice can exist beyond the grave. And perhaps it does. But all of this is just way too damn coincidental. Since that Klan robe is too controversial to display, why even have the damn thing in the first place? Put it in a box and get it the hell out of there. And why take the slave tag away? That should have been kept around. That is something people need to see and remember. That is a reminder of the mistakes we’ve made in the past.

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  • Alex says:

    There’s a funny thing about the slave tag though. It’s a fake. Real slave tags didn’t look anything like that. There are a lot of fake tags out there, and this is one of them. So if it’s a fake, why will it be haunted in the first place?

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