Paranormal State – Do Bad Things – S05E10

PRS heads Ohio after being called in by Heather who lost her sister in an apparent suicide. However, she feels demonic spirits in the house caused her sister to take her life. Heather thinks her siser was possessed by evil and was driven to hurt herself. As they dig deeper they find the brothers had problems when they stayed in Heather’s room and that they too feel there is something evil in the house. They report they keep hearing voices that say to kill their parents and to kill themselves. They feel the spirit was just too much for their sister and she ended her life. Even the mom believes evil got into her daughter.

As the team checks out the house Ryan starts in with the "in the name of Jesus Christ, I command you" mantra. During the investigation the only thing they get is some tapping in the garage where the suicide took place. That tapping could have been a mouse, rat, bird or some other animal living in there. It could be dripping water for all we know. Perhaps a loud clock in a box just ticking away.

Katrina checks with the former owners who lived there for 50 years and they state they never had a single experience while they lived there. Of course, I’m sure they would never admit the walls were bleeding or anything. But this casts some doubt on the claims of the family since they found no evidence during their investigation and the previous owners report nothing.

When Ryan confronts the mom, she becomes pretty hostile and says they need to only investigate the house and not the people. She then tells them all to get out, the investigation is over.

Heather doesn’t want to give up so Ryan brings in Father Jim who basically tells her she needs to move on with her life. They throw Holy Water all over the place and hope that takes care of it. Basically Ryan thinks the family is cursed, however, he doesn’t give a single reason why he thinks that way. Looking at things like abuse, depression, mental illness or medical conditions would be stupid, it has to be a family curse.

Sadly this family is in need or some serious help. Something wrong is going on and this whole demonic/paranormal angle seems like a really weak copout.

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