Paranormal State – Night Terrors – S04E10

This seems like another one of those episodes where they’re making some huge leaps in logic and faith and coming up with some faulty conclusions based on their own prejudice. We have a family who are all claiming to have paranormal activity in the form of some little girl dressed in what could be described as an Easter dress who seems to be without eyes. There is also another more demonic figure with a terrible grin and skin that may fall off at any second. Each member of the family tells almost exactly the same story. (That alone makes me suspicious)

While researching the history we are sidetracked by a terrible story of a mother who tied her children to the bed while she was at work and then, as you might expect, the house catches on fire and the children perish. A grim story to be sure, but it’s discounted as having nothing to do with the current paranormal activity. (I have to wonder why they brought it up then)

In pops Lorraine Warren, who in typical fashion, feels doom and gloom in every room she walks into. She is saying there are problems with all aspects of the house, but says the problems center on the daughter Sarah. Let’s go interrogate her some more since everyone holds back on the first couple of interviews.

Funny thing is, the whole family, including Sarah herself admit that Sarah has been heavily involved in drugs, is a reckless and troubled teen who is lashing out because of her younger sister and stepdad. She’s feeling neglected. As you might also expect we have to work in the Satanic angle. But this time, Sarah didn’t actually practice any rituals or involve herself in anything, she was trying to be cool for a boy she liked who lived across the street and bought a Satanic Bible – online. Her involvement with the practices are no more than simply flipping through the pages. But of course in Ryan’s world that’s a Pandora’s Box and he believes it has opened a portal to the demonic. It amazes me that you can open some book related to the devil and he instantly appears, but if you open the bible, Jesus doesn’t stop by for tea.

Anyway, the team finds no evidence of the paranormal, but they do find out Sarah hasn’t been baptized. (Boy is this turning out to be the plot of a cheesy horror movie or what?) So Bob Bailey does a baptism and that is the end of that. There’s no sizzling as the Holy water touches her head, no vulgarities or spitting of pea soup. However, they do take one last shot at Sarah by ganging up on her and saying she needs to change her life. Ryan says she is being defeatist and because of that the demonic will win. That’s for being positive guys! That wasn’t condescending at all!

In the final credits we see that Sarah is going to church and to therapy. Funny how it takes some paranormal investigator to come in before this girl goes to counseling, which is pretty obviously needed. Seems to me this whole thing could have been avoided if she went to counseling at the same time she was taking drugs and trying to hook up with the Goth kid across the street. Where was the intervention at that stage?

Once again it seems like the "paranormal" is a cover for some severe emotional issues. Clearly this girl is distraught and has some abandonment and self-esteem issues. Not being able to cope with her actual problems the paranormal is brought into it. Now, the whole family shares these stories since they don’t want to deal with the real issue. Seriously, how long has this been going on for and they decide to do something about it now? Is getting rid of demonic forces easier to cope with than saying your daughter has problems?

Paranormal State is turning into Jerry Springer with each episode.

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  • Colette says:

    I am Colette and these things did happen. I’ve not lived the same since. Sarah had been to counseling a while before, turned out that it seems (I’m still studying this stuff as I’ve had a lot of trouble swallowing what all I saw (I speak only for myself right now but I’m quite sure my family all agrees) it was a negative influence somehow attached or possibly has followed my entire female family line. It was summarized as poltergeist (not teleconesis effect) but actual entity by the parapsychologist that visited us with Paranormal State. They never offered what she thought on the show. They also never mentioned what happened in detail, and changed some of our words within the show — that John Zaffis had to get involved via phone at one point teaming up with some other people helping us weekly.

    The most horrifying, confusing, unexplainable thing I’ve ever been through and I’ll never be the same again……

  • Kelly Jackson says:

    I felt sorry for Sarah; in the context of the show, she was the only one being blamed for the family’s dysfunction. The dad seemed like a dick. What kind of person goes on national TV and throws his kid under the bus? It’s emotional abuse by her parents to make her the scapegoat. As a parent, I get that teens can be a pain in the ass and leave you extremely frustrated and bewildered, but c’mon. According to the mom’s comment above, Sarah went to counseling “a while before”, but the whole family should have gone, not just split her off even further while they played Happy Family at home with the new babies. It’s been six years since this episode aired so I hope the family has each owned their part of the dysfunction without hiding behind the excuse of generational curses and healed from it. And having a family picnic in the living room as we speak 😉

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