Paranormal State – The Lurking Man – S05E09

Nancy is the homeowner who thinks she is being watched. She keeps waking up only to find herself surrounded by Native American spirits. Her daughters feel like they’re being watched too and they all see shadows and hear noises. The problem has gotten so bad that they’ve left the house and won’t spend the night there.

This episode is very confusing to me. It is very disjointed and a lot of the details seem to be missing. We get some details that the kids have been playing with the Ouija board which of course is a sure sign of a demonic presence in Ryan’s world. Then there is some mention of an occult book which just adds fuel to the fire. Couple this with some Native American tie that really hasn’t been properly researched and Ryan has all he needs to start talking about the demonic and how the land needs to be appeased.

They bring in a sketch artist so Nancy can describe the person she has seen. They somehow figure out this is a person who committed suicide (perhaps murdered) near the property and that he is lurking about. With no evidence to actually support this claim they spring into action by offering up some of their blessed medals and by performing a house cleansing. Even though Ryan is claiming that there is occult work going on – the Ouija and occult book – and that somehow Native American powers are at work, they put a couple medals in the house and all is well.

I guess I just didn’t follow this one.

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