Paranormal State – Bedroom Eyes – S05E13

Ryan and the team head to Pennsylvania to investigate a farm where the couple sees figures wandering around their home. They also have claims of being touched and they notice the dog seems to bark at things that aren’t there. All the activity seemed to start when Mike asked Kelly if they could visit his mother’s grave so he could get permission for them being together. They both have the impression that the events are being caused by Mike’s mother.

As they research the investigation, they come to find out that Mike’s mother may have been murdered. A relative feels that she was killed in her trailer and then the trailer was blown up with natural gas. The story is a little light on the who and the why, but there is a claim of murder. Oddly, Mike doesn’t mention any of that.

With that, we head back to the house for Dead Time. During the night the lamp cover partially falls, but when Ryan pulls on it, he can’t make it budge. He also hears scraping, like metal on metal. There isn’t much to go on, but Ryan feels there is a lot more to these dust covers moving.

In a bizarre twist, Ryan brings in a hypnotherapist to talk to Kelly. This interview seems really short and really doesn’t yield too much. But for the next Dead Time, Ryan wants Mike and Kelly to attend so they can talk to his mother. It’s funny how they have no evidence to support any spirit being in the house let alone his mother, yet they completely support the client’s claims. Way to stay objective guys!

At Dead Time, Mike talks to his mom and says he knows she’s there and that she would want him to be happy. If there is a message she wants to deliver he is more than ready to listen. Around this time there is a lot of jumping around as Mike and Kelly claim to get touched. Nothing really tangible happens, just the claims of being touched.

For the final analysis, Ryan comes out of the blue and says he feels Kelly has psychic abilities. Oddly, she doesn’t bat an eye or question it at all. It’s like he said the sky was blue. She just accepts it and moves on. I found that whole interaction to be pretty weird.

And then the team packs up and heads home. I really can’t say that they uncovered anything on this one. Some falling lamp covers does not a paranormal investigation make. It was all pretty lame. As with so many of these that Ryan looks into, it seems like the clients are having issues with a death. As we see, Mike’s mom died decades ago but yet he still heads to her grave to ask for permission about his lady friend? And from the way I listened to things, their relationship was pretty sketchy at best. I can’t say that any of this struck me as paranormal. Considering the lack of evidence, Ryan was once again playing the role of counselor.

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  • Sharon Hill says:

    I’m sensing a trend. :-)

    The past several posts, particularly about Paranormal State, contained mention of the lack of evidence presented in the show and, instead, the credulous acceptance of the spooky story instead. I’m interested to hear if you think this is becoming more common and why. Are they getting lazy or, as I suspect, there just isn’t anything there and they don’t particularly wish to manufacture evidence?

    Are we starting to see the winding down of these shows or are they set to go into another direction – one that just discards the search for evidence entirely?

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  • RottenOne says:

    I don’t think Ryan and his team have ever really captured any solid evidence. They are quite happy with personal experiences and how a location feels. And regardless of evidence they carry on with their usual plan of placing medals and doing house cleansings. This really lends itself to just trying to appease the home owners because they really have nothing else to do. PRS seems to be playing the role of counselor more than anything else these days. As I’m sure everyone has noticed they discard the “traditional” tools such as EMF detectors and EVP recorders for psychics, the clergy and rituals. I can’t say that ditching the tools is a bad thing, because quite honestly I don’t think they actually work, but I see PRS drawing a lot of conclusions without anything to really support them. I think a lot of their episodes involve people who can’t cope with loss, have living conditions that are causing false experiences and dare I say some of the people may be dealing with undiagnosed illnesses.

    I don’t really think Paranormal State is actually dealing with the paranormal as we normally accept it now. I think Ryan and his team are looking for demons and signs of evil forces. I don’t t know if this is some religious quest or if Ryan is simply trying to conquer his own fears, but many aspects of the show aren’t making sense any more. I have yet to see any evidence from PRS that suggest they have found anything paranormal or even demonic. They have as many cameras and recording devices as anyone else and the most they seem to be able to come away with are Chad and Ryan seeing shadows out of the corners of their eye. I’m not really sure what Ryan and the gang are trying to accomplish these days. I think Paranormal State is trying to go in a new direction, but I’m a little confused as to what it is.

    And thanks Courtney for the kind words and gifts! I appreciate your support! I’m looking forward to more of your jaunts for the new year.

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