Ghost Adventures – Kell’s Irish Pub – S04E14

It’s been some time since I’ve been able to get back to watching and working with shows like Ghost Adventures. The holiday season was really busy and I had a lot of things occupying my time; all good things though. But I’ve managed to find some time to watch this episode and write down some of my thoughts like I normally do.

Zak, Nick and Aaron head out to Seattle to investigate Kell’s Irish Pub which used to be a funeral home owned by ER Butterworth. Mr. Butterworth was the first established funeral director in the area and was on site as the growing mining accidents and disease of the area brought him plenty of work. So much work in fact that he really didn’t pay attention to where the bodies came from. The death toll was rising so Butterworth simply prepared the bodies for incineration and accepted his disposal fee. But his less than honorable dealings led him to hook up with Linda Hazzard who was a doctor who felt the best way to cure a disease was to starve the patient. She and Butterworth were brought up on charges when a family sued because Butterworth incinerated the body but displayed a different corpse at a funeral. It’s hard to say if Butterworth was dealing in or profiting off murder but a lot of signs point that way. It certainly sounds like the scandal that would make for a lot of unrest.

But does Kell’s Irish Pub have all the makings of a haunted location? Zak certainly thinks so and declares the place to be haunted even before the investigation has begun. He is firmly convinced there is a lot of energy there and that the spirits will speak to him. Way to stay objective guys.

Kell’s claims to have glasses that fall, a mirror that broke itself, a photograph of a face caught in the window, people see hands clawing at the window and that a little girls wanders around the bar. They really don’t speak about her or why she might be there though.

As the investigation begins the team heads out with a new toy called the Digital Field Processor which is supposed to visually represent voices on an EQ as they’re captured. It sounds like an interesting idea, but just to say it that device looks like it could easily be manipulated.

But on with the investigation. Zak claims to hear many voices and captures a picture what he feels is a child sitting on the stairs. I think that’s a bit of a stretch. I think you might be going out on a limb to say that blob is a child. I don’t think it’s very well defined at all and could just as easily be your brain trying to make out a pattern. Interesting, but a bit of a reach for me. And the follow up EVP of "Looking for my child" is a bit of a reach too. As they even admit, they hear what they think is "child" and fill in the blanks. That seems a bit dodgy.

Then they bring in the owner Karen for help during an EVP session. What I find funny is that just like the Vallisca House when there is an outsider listening in nothing seems to happen. The activity comes to an end and the EVP they get is really weak. This is starting to seem a little strange to me.

As they continue they move to the Bar Area and Aaron heads to the 3rd and 4th floors by himself. I have to say very little happens for this part. And as a matter of fact there doesn’t seem to be any real activity during this investigation at all. There were certainly no figures at the window, no glass hitting the floor, no smashing mirrors or any of the multiple claims that seem to go on. They hear some footsteps but let’s be honest this is a public building on a main street hearing footsteps wouldn’t be out of the ordinary at all. I can’t really say that anything they captured would really be considered paranormal. The voices make no sense, they’re filling in the blanks for what they hear and none of the claims by the owners come to pass.

This is one of the creepy stories full of legend and mystery. Who knows what really happened. Did the wrong bodies get buried? Were people murdered for the cash? The legend is by all means fascinating but the evidence is less than compelling…

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