Review of Wicked Walks New Orleans Ghost Tour App

I’ve been curious about these apps and have been waiting for an objective review about how they work and how informative they really are. Courtney over at Haunt Jaunts has complete a review of the Wicked Walks New Orleans Ghost Tour App. It’s definitely worth a read to see if it will assist you in your ghostly tours. I’m especially curious about the Savannah and Charleston apps since I live reasonably close to both those locations.

From the sound of things these apps are definitely worth a look and the price has dropped which is another bit of good news. Even though I haven’t seen of them yet my complaint would be that they aren’t optimized for the iPad. Perhaps the iPod Touch or iPhone is more convenient when actually out and about but it seems with all that real estate the iPad would provide a real immersive experience.

But, click here to read Courtney’s review and then check out the list of the Wicked Walks applications

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