Ghost Adventures – Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum – S04E22

The guys are in their home town of Las Vegas to investigate Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum which now stands on the same location as the old Sands Hotel. The Sands was one of the original casinos from the day featuring Sinatra and the Rat Pack. It was also the time when the mob ran just about everything. If people tried to cheat or cause trouble they were taken out and dealt with sternly. Guests were well to do and only the rich and famous got to play here.

So what kind of energy is here? Why are they investigating this place? It seem that even though the actual Sands is gone, having been demolished in the 90’s, the party and gambling are still going on and people claim to hear the sounds of glasses clinking together, people laughing, music and even Elvis himself may still be performing here. The building may be different but the band may still be playing on.

Some things people have seen are a figure dressed in green pants and wearing a white shirt wandering around the building. Also, Kurt, who works in the Scream House has seen apparitions and has been touched on the head by something.

Even guys from the early days of Vegas feel there are still spirits lingering around. One of the guys actually feels a little nervous about the spirits. He feels he’s made a few enemies so maybe some of those guys are going to come back and get some vengeance.

Robin Leach makes a brief appearance to say that he believes the spirits are still roaming around and may be coming back to see their likenesses in the museum.

It’s pretty interesting that so many people believe the spirits are there in the building. They really have no problem with the idea that the old guests are still there with them.

So what about the investigation? As they start off they think they hear laughter from one of the side rooms.

Zak puts some old Sands Casino chips on a table and invites the spirits to take them. An alarm goes off while their heads are turned as though someone reached out for them. As a viewer that is hardly convincing. That could easily be faked since someone could have just put their hand near the chips and then disappeared into the darkness while the guys were looking away. I’m not saying it was faked but paranormal means something has happened that is outside the normal realm of understanding. Considering we just saw Zak make the device go off with his hands this is some pretty weak evidence.

They break out the Ovilus II which is another voice dictionary. The machine starts showing the words, Play, Corner, Tied and Contract. They jump to the conclusion about the words meaning someone got caught cheating and the mafia killed him. He was then taken to a cave out in the desert and strangled around the throat. Sure, you could jump to those sorts of conclusions if you wanted to.

It does come up with some odd words with Cave, Dig, Throat, Lash. And finally Alive. These words are being said in the same place where people see apparitions. It’s interesting, but I think that device is pure bunk. There is no proof to show how or even if that device works.

As Nick is wandering around he captures an extremely grainy picture which they believe has a figure standing by the rail. Yeah, it does look like there is some sort of blog in the photo.

For a final piece of evidence they capture a voice saying "singing in the rain" which they conclude to be Judy Garland or Debbie Reynolds. Ok sure, if that works for you.

I think the location they chose was really neat, but I’m a little surprised by it. Overall I think this episode was a little on the cheesy side. Once again, I really think the guys are just reaching for evidence. They go into a place firmly convinced that it’s haunted so they’re certainly not going to walk away empty handed. I think the evidence in this episode is interesting but hardly conclusive of anything. A pixilated photo isn’t very convincing and a woman’s voice saying "singing in the rain" really doesn’t add up to much.

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